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Portugal among the best countries to invest in luxury properties

Portugal among the best countries to invest in luxury properties

It's cheaper, more profitable, safer and more beautiful. Luxury real estate reports place Portugal among the best countries in the world to invest in. When? Now.

Portugal leads the ranking of the best countries in the world to invest in luxury real estate. Several international reports show that Portugal is at the top of the list of the most attractive countries to buy a house in. On the one hand, because the country offers an extensive set of tax benefits, both for retirees and foreigners, through the Golden Visa, which also grants permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship, and for investors, through the Non Habitual Resident Regime and the Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI); on the other hand, because investors know that they will never lose money. The Portuguese real estate market, especially in Porto and the Algarve, is by far the most desired: it has a guarantee seal, premium location and reference construction. In addition, Portugal is recognised as the safest country in the world, the country in Europe with the greatest political and social stability, the country with the most sustainable cost of living and the one with the most competitive market prices. To live, to buy a holiday home or to make a guaranteed return investment, Porto and the Algarve are the two regions of the country that most conquer national and foreign buyers. Profitability is fast and risk-free, unlike in other countries and other business areas.

The most recent report of the Global Residence and Citizen Program, which provides a systematic analysis of the main residence and citizenship programmes in every part of the world, namely tax regime, cost and quality of life, proves this, as it puts Portugal in second place in the list of the best investments, just behind Austria. And the certificates of trust multiply every month. On The Move Channel website, for example, an independent international real estate portal that monitors the level of interest of investors in each country on a monthly basis, Portugal appears consecutively in the world's Top 10. The North American magazine Forbes goes further and advises not only to invest in Portugal, the country of culture, hospitality and gastronomy, but also to adopt the country as a permanent residence.

In the Algarve, the demand is mainly for the Golden Triangle. This luxurious Algarve territory, which brings together Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, is distinguished by its jackpot of advantages: it has a marina, golf resorts, light, leisure, sunshine all year round, warm sea and top-quality properties in an area without any historical record of the slightest incident. Demanding customers find here the greatest privacy in private condominiums overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

In Porto, a cultural, cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial city, whose power of seduction continues to expand in the international circuit, the number of new developments launched in the market, some still off-plan or under construction, is the most recent source of investors' desire. In addition, airlines are successively increasing the number of destinations and the number of flights to the north of the country, which means that today Porto already has daily connections to all parts of Europe and to the main ones in the world. It is also in this part of the country, birthplace of one of the most famous schools of architecture in the world, that clients find exclusivity and contemporary architecture. Customers with high purchasing power continue to be seduced by the historical heritage of the Douro, its farms and palaces.

Centre Porto apartment villa buy

Moreover, in general, real estate demand in the premium segment is equivalent for both apartments and villas. LUXIMOS Christie's International Real Estate, which is exclusively dedicated to luxury real estate, leads this market share in both the north and south of the country and bears witness to the growing demand for real estate by foreigners. Ricardo Costa, CEO of the company, has repeatedly drawn attention to the favourable time that is being experienced for the purchase of house. And he has already admitted that "the volume of business with foreigners represents 60%" of the turnover. Just look at the world, from the USA to the UK, to understand the various reasons why Portugal is, as the CEO says, the "safe alternative". After the French, the British, the Chinese and the Brazilians, now it's the Americans and the Nordics who want to start their lives again in Portugal.

So, if your question is still whether you should really invest in Portugal, the answer is yes. Contact a credible agency such as LUXIMOS Christie's, which in addition to having the best portfolio of luxury residences, has a specialized service to bring you up to date with the entire Portuguese system, to handle the bureaucracy and to accompany you in every step of the investment.


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