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6 Marvellous penthouses to live in Porto

6 Marvellous penthouses to live in Porto

Join us on this tour through six real-life cases of penthouses for sale in Europe's most prized city: Porto.

The penthouse concept emerged exactly 100 years ago, a bold formula that combines luxury, privacy and freedom. But the initial idea was only to make the free space profitable. The first penthouse appeared in the 20s of the last century, in the United States of America, when some architects decided to explore the possibility of occupying the roof of buildings, which was, until then, wasted. The penthouse differs from the conventional top floors precisely because it occupies all the available area of the top floor of each building. The higher the better, because the wider the view.

Thus, on the roof of the Plaza Hotel in New York, on a twentieth floor, the first penthouse was born, still considered today to be one of the most luxurious in the world hotel sector. You can recognise it in dozens of films. The production of the family hit "Home Alone" chose it as the setting for the 1992 sequel. The following year, the hyper romantic comedy "Tune of Love", with Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Bill Pullman, didn't want to waste that mythical place either. Ten years later, even a filmmaker like the Australian Baz Luhrmann, a unique and inimitable aesthete, chose that space to give life to "The Great Gatsby", a feature film inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's most emblematic book. Long before these directors, many others had passed through there. Not even Alfred Hitchcock could resist putting Cary Grant in that penthouse.

The American architects' bet was more than won. It was such a success that the model was quickly replicated all over the world. Before, as now, the greatest advantage of living in a penthouse is its versatility, security, luminosity, comfort and, invariably, the view that stretches over the city, over the river or over the sea. In this sense, Porto, which has also imported the concept, albeit rather sparingly, is no second to New York. It offers a natural landscape setting that attracts tourists from all continents all year round, many of them even end up buying a house in the North of Portugal and embarking on a veritable treasure hunt in search of the best house with the best view.


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It's understandable, a penthouse is an authentic villa on top of a building, almost always inserted in a private condominium and located in the most exclusive neighbourhoods on the map of each city. It is far away from noise, pollution, traffic and close to the sky. And who doesn't wish they had a drawing room or a terrace suspended in the sky? Do you still remember what Richard Gere replied to Julia Roberts when she asked him why he had chosen the top floor suite? Read here: In this case, the penthouse was the one at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. And yes, it still exists.

What no longer exists is the roof of Apple Records in London, where the Beatles, already tired of being the Beatles, gave the last concert of their career. It happened in January 1969, in the sky at number 3 Savile Row, in the British neighbourhood of Mayfair. The farewell became known as the Apple Rooftop Concert. The building would eventually be sold in 1976.

The reasons why people fall in love with penthouses are almost endless - and there are still pools, gardens, jacuzzis - but the best thing is to let yourself be guided by six real cases for sale in the most prized city in Europe: Porto. Join us on this journey. Start in downtown Porto, continue along the banks of the Douro River, continue along the waterfront, always next to the Atlantic Ocean, go up the Avenida da Boavista, return to the effervescent heart of the city and lose yourself in the historic centre. Getting to the top of life is this, living here.


1. Penthouse in Baixa do Porto

Luxury penthouse, set in one of the most charismatic buildings in Baixa do Porto. Flat with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, two garages and a unique and functional layout, in which stand out the generous areas, the three balconies and the luminosity. The finishings stand out for their quality and the care put into the details. Inserted in an urban condominium, it also benefits from a garden area of 800m2, which gives even more exclusivity to this flat with 195 m2. Ideal for those seeking convenience and comfort, right in the city centre. Close to shops, services and transport network.

2. Penthouse with river and sea views

Penthouse with stunning views over the river and the sea, located in the Pinhais da Foz area. Located in a building of contemporary architecture with luxury finishes, with doorman. Apartment with over 180m2, a terrace with over 130m2, lots of light and excellent sun exposure. With excellent road access, and close to shops, services and transport network.




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3. Penthouse with sea view

Penthouse built on the best avenue in Foz do Douro, with magnificent and unalterable sea views. With over 150 m2, it has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It offers the advantage of being a duplex and ready to remodel, being possible to create new areas or a new interior design. A stone's throw from the beach, it has an excellent sun exposure and 2 magnificent balconies. In the middle of the traditional neighborhood, it is close to shops, services, restaurants, supermarkets and the transport network.


4. Breathtaking penthouse

This is a breathtaking penthouse. With over 300m2, it has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and garage for 4 cars in the heart of Porto. This modern flat, inserted in a luxurious private condominium, also stands out for its excellent sun exposure, the refinement of the finishings, the balconies and the wide spaces. The private condominium is surrounded by a large garden with century-old trees and offers 24h security.


5. Penthouse with indoor pool

Penthouse with two terraces, excellent sun exposure and stunning views over the city of Porto. Property inserted in private condominium with several amenities, among which stands the fantastic indoor pool. Located in a residential area with access to all kinds of services, shops and transport network.


6. Penthouse for one person

A luxury object to enjoy on your own. This duplex apartment duplex apartment with 70m2, offers stunning views over the city of Porto and an unbelievable view to the Cathedral. New property, fully equipped, where the interior is distinguished by the sober lines and great sun exposure. Inserted in the historic centre of Porto, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. Close to all kinds of amenities, services, shopping, transport and tourist attractions.


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