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Know the best investment you can make in 2021

Know the best investment you can make in 2021

The success of 2021 will not depend on others, it will depend on you.
Enter the new year with a fundamental decision: invest in real estate. Buy a new house.

The first best decision you can make in 2021 is not to spend the year talking about 2020. The second best decision is to make the year depend solely on you and not on others, the economy or politics. The third best decision is to really start afresh by making a substantial investment, such as buying a new house adapted to your new needs. From then on, the rest happens. Not taking the lead will be to go slowly in a new year at the mercy of a scenario that will not be much different from the old year, because almost everything will happen slowly and unrelated to our individual will.

The following year will depend, in general terms, on three factors over which we have no control: 
1) the so-called group immunity, which should not be achieved before the third quarter of the year. Do you really want to wait until September to start living again? 
2) the economic upturn, which will not be feasible without the recovery of mobility and tourism, both of which are scheduled, at best, for the second half of the year. Do you want to give up living in the first half? 
3) political developments, which in Portugal will remain stable and, in the world, will be favourable due to the election of Joe Biden. Are you sure you do not want to take advantage of this peace context to make a leap?


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If you have come this far, after what has been the most demanding year of our lives, first of all because we have known what the effective restriction of freedom and the suspension of daily reality is, you will have realised that 2021 is an excellent year to stop procrastinating, to make safe decisions and to make investments. And now, as before, real estate prevails at the top of the list of best deals to do. It is no accident that Portugal, even in the midst of a pandemic, has never stopped being on the radar of foreign investors.
The reason is simple: there are things that not even covid-19 has managed to change: the country remains one of the safest in the world, one of the most hospitable, one of the sunniest and, not to be negligible, it still has a quality/price ratio as far as real estate is concerned that no other European country can match. Moreover, the real estate sector in Portugal is so developed and equipped, be it in digital or human terms, that it is able to respond fully, in real time, to a client in the other corner of the world. The proof of this is that companies such as LUXIMOS Christies International Real Estate, the national leader in the luxury real estate market, have seen an increase in demand for other types of properties such as farms, houses with gardens and land further away from urban centres.



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The pandemic has not stopped construction either, so this is even one of the best years to find a new home or a new apartment, which under normal circumstances might not even have made it to the window of the real estate market. In terms of location, preferences remain focused on the Algarve , which had one of the best performances during the pandemic and was voted the best beach destination in 2020 at the World Travel Awards, in North of Portugal and Porto , a city that continues to attract more and more international and foreign companies that aim to make this region their fixed residence. The city of Porto has once again been elected Europe's best destination for a city break. All in all, Portugal won 26 tourism awards in 2020 and was elected for the fourth year running as the best destination in Europe.


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In a sense, 2021 is a year to live in counter-cycle, i.e. to accelerate personal investment in a global context that will continue to be slow. Whoever does this will be in the front line when the final norm comes. Looking at the market, the new year brings new developments offering very attractive opportunities. Both in the North and South of the country, there has been a proliferation of luxury buildings, with sea and river views, that privilege large areas, leisure areas and green spaces, precisely the needs that we discovered we had during the pandemic. If you don't want to miss the opportunity, contact a LUXIMOS Christie's consultant now and find out the best way to get in safe this new year.


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