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8 Reasons to rediscover the Algarve this winter

8 Reasons to rediscover the Algarve this winter

Algarve rhymes with summer, but have you ever wondered what you are missing in winter?
Golf, surfing and silence, without crowds or traffic or queues.

The succession of limitations that the pandemic has imposed on our freedom has triggered the desire to travel to a region with sun and no problems, where it is possible to rest and escape a little from reality. Those who can travel to the Algarve have an easy life and a unique opportunity to rediscover a region that benefits, even in the middle of winter, from a mild temperature, which approaches 15 degrees. This is not a plan B, but a beautiful plan A which, moreover, helps to explain why foreigners, especially from cold climates such as America and Northern Europe, still want to buy homes in coastal towns such as Tavira, Faro, Albufeira, Portimão or Lagos. This is also not an incentive to transgression, but to gain a bit of freedom and indispensable mental health.
In the hard times we all live in, the most difficult thing to achieve is the balance between security and well-being.

In this sense, visiting the Algarve, in the South of Portugal, may be the ideal option for those who need to unwind while complying with the rules to prevent the contagion of the covid-19 pandemic. LUXIMOS Christies International Real Estate has organised a list of 8 suggestions that you can join without putting yourself at risk or harming anyone. Also enjoy the silence of the beaches and the air in the hills and mountains of the Algarve.
If you have always dreamed of having a little piece of Algarve just for yourself, you can now find a bigger piece, far from the traffic, the queues and the usual crowd that floods the region during the hot summer months. In Portugal, you can't find a better place to have an out of season holiday.

1. Falling in love with golf

With its 40 golf courses of internationally recognised quality, the Algarve has, for several consecutive years, been distinguished as the best golf destination in Europe. But let the amateurs who think that the best time to practice this sport is summer be disappointed. It is not. The high season is during the months of September and October or February and March. In other words, we are counting down to one of those golden periods which, under normal circumstances, seduce people from every corner of the world. Although this year everything is different, the truth is that golf has particular characteristics, namely the fact that it is essentially an individual and outdoor exercise, which offers the lovers of this sport the possibility of continuing to play, even in periods of confinement. If you have never thought about playing golf, take advantage of this opportunity. Moreover, many of the Algarve's golf courses are awarded because they are also unbeatable in their integration into the landscape. Moreover, the practice of golf reduces stress and stimulates brain activity. Do you need more arguments to take a jump to Vilamoura or Vale do Lobo? Know here) the five best golf resorts.

2. Learn to surf or dive

For surfing, the scenario is repeated: the Algarve has some of the best waves in the world and the best time to cut waves is now. This is true for the brave but also for beginners. Once again, this year the advantage of this sport is to be found in those sports that are not limited by confinement. In the region, the windward Algarve stands out, including the municipalities of Albufeira, Aljezur, Lagoa, Lagos, Monchique, Portimão, Silves and Vila do Bispo. This western area, known for the strong winds along the coast, is the perfect setting to make a first experience in this sport known for emptying the head of problems and filling the body with balance. If you prefer an even deeper contact with the maritime nature, you can choose to go diving. As the Algarve has 300 days of sunshine per year, starting to learn to dive in winter will not creep you out.

3. Dating villas and flats

The excellent quality/price ratio in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal makes the Algarve the place of choice for the purchase of a second home or holiday home. However, more and more foreigners are choosing the Algarve as a place of permanent residence, namely to spend the retirement period in a place with a higher quality of life. Enjoy this moment and also start dating the villa, apartment or land that you would like to buy. And really buy! Start your charm operation in the centre of the Algarve, in particular the Golden Triangle, comprising some of the country's most exclusive destinations - Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura - and if you have any questions, contact LUXIMOS and ask for a guided tour of the most wonderful things in luxury real estate.


4. Relax in luxury spas

Rest is necessary. A visit to one of the many luxurious spas - "spa" is an acronym of the Latin "Sanus per aquum", meaning "cure through water" - that exist in the Algarve, with an extensive range of treatments, can make an important contribution to restore your energies. In Albufeira, the Salgados Resort Spa, with an indoor pool, is one of the most considered. In Vale do Lobo we recommend the Royal Spa, a real life refuge. In Carvoeiro, the choice is for Vale d'Oliveiras, which benefits from two swimming pools, a heated deck and an outdoor one, a gym, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath. Although all are integrated in hotels, they are open to the public. Save these suggestions for the end of the confinement.



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5. Re-establish the adrenaline rush in a jeep or a go-kart

One of the disadvantages brought about by the pandemic was a certain sense of numbness. If you are one of those people who feels they have stolen your adrenaline, rent a jeep and go on your own safari, discover the wildlife of the Algarve, learn more about the region and take many photos. Some of the most beautiful parts of this Iberian Peninsula territory can only be known this way, in time and without heat. A jeep tour is also a good choice for families who are struggling with the growing impatience of teenagers and young people dictated by the saturation of recent months. If this option is not enough to restore your energy levels, then go to one of the various go-karts and feel the speed on a car track. You can do this in the Albufeira Marina, Almancil or Portimão.

6. Cycling or Segway

If you want excitement but without exaggerating, slow down a bit and choose to rent a bike. At this time of year, it is very easy to rent a two-wheeled vehicle with all the equipment you need to feel safe. And it's a beautiful way to understand, walking along the coast, the characteristics of each beach. If you would like to do this tour but without having to tire of cycling, opt for a segway. If you have small children, you can have lots of fun walking around the city or the beaches.

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7. Getting to know the handicrafts and regional delicacies

The Algarve beaches are so good and that heat tastes so good that everything else is relegated to the background. Winter is the time to review the material given and understand what you are really missing. Because you don't really know a region without tasting its typical products. In the case of the Algarve, the list of obligatory delicacies is long. Note: you can never say you know the Algarve well if you have never tasted a Serra de Monchique meat sausage, a Dom Rodrigo, a sweet potato from Aljezur or a crushed olive. On the same level, craftsmanship emerges. It is normal that we do not pay so much attention to it in the summer, but in these atypical days of our lives it will feel good to know the pottery, the weaving and the copper pieces that are made there by hand. By the way, do you know what a cataplana is?


8. Always close the day with a toast

In Portugal we like to think that good wine is in the Douro , but the truth is that there are other regions producing that nectar of the gods with which we should always close our days. The Algarve is one of those regions, which is why several wine estates have been betting more and more on wine tasting. With the current restrictions, it is possible that you will not find any quinta willing to provide you with this experience, but there is no shortage of wineries and grocery stores where to buy a prestigious bottle. If you are still here, remove the cork and toast to life!


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