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Five beaches in the Algarve to start the year 2023 properly

Five beaches in the Algarve to start the year 2023 properly

LUXIMOS Christie's suggests five beaches in the Algarve that deserve to be known in winter and may well be the best gateway to the new year

Starting the new year on the beach is one of the best experiences you can have if you want to close old drawers and start a new cycle, light and free. The Algarve, with its unbeatable beauty and temperature, is traditionally one of the destinations of choice for all those who, alone, with friends or family, want to list wishes and renew dreams in the first days of January. The water is not as hot as in summer, but the streets and the beaches are not as crowded as in August, which guarantees another exclusivity. On the other hand, the dream houses and golf courses are still there, ready to be enjoyed, the animation of the bars and the gastronomy of the restaurants too. The cliffs still offer breathtaking views, water sports are as or more appealing at this time of year and the Algarve's hospitality continues all year round. If the southern region of Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world, who says they can only be used for diving at the height of the heat?


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A Christie's International Real Estate LUXIMOSChristie's International Real Estate, which is active in premium real estate brokerage in the Algarve - and also in Porto and Northern Portugal - has put together a list with five beaches that are worth getting to know in the winter months and that have everything to be your best gateway to 2023. Whether you are looking for permanent housing, a place for holidays or for investment, it is also here that you can find them. If you prefer a personal service, LUXIMOS has offices open in the Golden Triangle, between Vilamoura and Vale do Lobo.


1. Fishermen's Beach

Praia dos Pescadores, in Albufeira, attracts thousands of people in the four seasons of the year. Why? Because that beach, which is often transformed into a stage for concerts and parties, invites people to socialise all year round, because the waves are perfect for surfers and because the proximity of the city allows people to take a dip in the sea and, at the same time, taste the delicacies offered by the cafés and terraces. It is also on this beach, with its long fishing tradition, that you can find dozens of colourful traditional fishing boats, an ideal setting for those who like to take photographs. The same goes for Albufeira marina. Access is from the Largo 25 de Abril, which is now a huge paved square, perfect for roller skating, skateboarding or segway. It is also possible to access this urban beach - in summer, the water temperature is around 22°C - via the escalators that make it possible to climb down the cliff that marks out the beach to the east.

2. Dona Ana Beach, Lagos

Situated south of Lagos, among the limestone cliffs of the small peninsula of Ponta da Piedade, the famous and picturesque Praia da Dona Ana is protected by rocks that jut out into the sea, creating a spectacular landscape. Moreover, these rocks provide tranquillity to the tide, making it a perfect enclave to dive in those calm turquoise waters and to appreciate its abundant marine fauna (seagulls, herons, winkles...). Like all extremely popular beaches, this Portuguese beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, is surrounded by restaurants and bars along its 300-metre length, where tourists of various nationalities converge. From the historic centre to the sea is about a twenty minute walk, but there are also frequent buses to make the journey. Winter is a beautiful opportunity to contemplate this idyllic setting in a way that, due to the enormous affluence, is not possible in summer.



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3. Albandeira Beach, Lagoa

The trademark of Albandeira Beach, situated in Caramujeira, on the coast of Lagoa, consists of two small coves connected by a crevice between the rocks: the rock formation draws an arch at the end of that typical Algarvian cliff and gives a special touch to the landscape. It is a scenario of paradise for photography lovers. The image of this arch, reflected in the calm, transparent waters, is circulated all over the world. If diving enthusiasts will find an infinite number of underwater crevices here, walkers will have the pleasure of getting lost among the pine and eucalyptus trees in the region. The more curious will also spend hours trying to find the animal-shaped rock in the sand, and trying to discover which animal it is. Apparently, each person sees a different animal. The access road to this beach, which is close to the famous Marinha Beach, also provides access to Barranquinho Beach and Malhada do Baraço Beach.

4. Benagil Beach, Lagoa

Located in Faro, it is one of the best known beaches in the Algarve and one of the most photographed in the world. Benagil, the small fishing village that gives its name to the beach, displays the enormous cave of Algar de Benagil, also known as "The Cathedral", where a large natural skylight stands out, which can be seen from the water or from the air. This natural wonder has no direct access by land, only by sea. Throughout the day, various excursions are organised, in small boats or paddleboards. It is possible to make the trip from Faro, Portimão and Lagos and once there, it is possible to enter the cave, take a quick bath and take unforgettable pictures. Benagil cave is the ex-libris, but it is not the only one in the place. The cliffs around Carvoeiro are full of small caves accessible by sea. This area is so crowded that the best time to visit is in winter.

5. Camilo Beach, Lagos

Around 200 wooden steps separate bathers from paradise: a small golden sandy beach with sea in shades of turquoise blue overshadows everything less than two kilometres south of Lagos. Its rugged geography forms a natural amphitheatre that guarantees the absence of wind. And it is all this that makes Camilo beach in Lagos an ideal place to read, to chat, to sunbathe, but also to rest and enjoy beautiful days during the winter. At the top of the big cliff, there is a magnificent terrace that, apart from everything else, offers a unique panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean.


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