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Do you know what the best kept secret in the Algarve is?

Do you know what the best kept secret in the Algarve is?

What if you could float in the waters of the Algarve as if you were in the Dead Sea? And if you could do it at night, in complete safety? Find out more here.

Portugal is the third safest country in Europe to visit this summer. This is what a study by "Forbes Advisor" reveals, which once again places the score of this privileged country of the Iberian Peninsula above 80% (out of 100 possible points) in the safety ranking. But the study, which looked at the characteristics of 29 nations, does not stop there, but also analysed the quality of bathing waters (Portugal comes in seventh place, with 93%), air quality (fourth place, with one of the lowest pollution rates, only behind Finland, Estonia and Sweden) and the quality of health care (tenth place, ahead of Germany). Overall, this analysis shows that only Switzerland and Slovenia perform better than Portugal.


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"Safety can be a decisive factor when people think about where they will spend their holidays and these figures show that there are considerable differences across Europe when measuring factors such as bathing water quality or crime levels," stressed the American publication in the statement accompanying the study. None of these countries has a coastline more than 900 kilometres long, let alone a region like the Algarve, with 133 beaches, from Vila do Bispo to Vila Real de Santo António, most of them blue-flagged. Some of them are still real secrets.


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In the municipality of Olhão, a town that has one of the most impressive fish markets in the country, at Belamandil, lies one of these secrets. It is not a beach, but a lake of 2000m2, with a salt concentration equivalent to that of the Dead Sea, and where the water temperature is around 30ºC. This means that here, in the middle of the Faro district, you can enjoy the sensation of floating in the water as if you were in the mythical salt lake that bathes Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. But with incomparable safety. What's more, this year it is possible to have this miraculous experience during the night (from 8pm), while watching the stars and listening to background music. It will take place every Saturday (lasting a maximum of three hours), until the end of the summer, in Cova da Onça, near the saltpans of Ria Formosa, a wetland between the sea and the coast, considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal.

Salinas do Grelha_Algarve


The weekly newspaper "Expresso" summed up the advantages of immersion in this Algarve secret this way: "The relaxation of the muscles relieves stress and the activation of blood circulation helps reduce muscular pain. The aesthetic aspect is not left out of these benefits. The application of 100% biological mud, originating from the salt mines themselves, on the body and face, purifies and hydrates the skin, helping cell renewal and providing firmer skin". In any case, the day baths will continue until October (between 10am and 7pm). This experience, which includes the observation of sea birds in the habitat of the salt pans, is provided, as the publication states, by Salinas do Grelha, a family business specialized in the production of traditional sea salt and fleur de sel. In addition, it is also possible to visit the factory, to learn about the process of production and extraction of sea salt.


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It is also here, in the surroundings of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, that some exclusive resorts can be found, such as Vale do Lobo, Ancão and Quinta do Lago, where house-buying continues to seduce foreigners from all over the world. Simply note that between January and March of this year alone, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE), more than 43,500 houses and apartments were bought in the country (25.8% more than in the same period in 2021), and that the Golden Triangle (which includes Vilamoura), in the Algarve, was the most sought-after territory by international investors. The mild climate, the sun, the sea, the typical gastronomy, the security and the friendliness of the population continue to make the difference when it comes to making an investment in property. But also the quality-price ratio of the developments available on the market, as explained several times to the press Ricardo Costa, CEO of LUXIMOS Christies International Real Estate, the real estate company that leads the luxury segment in the region.

"Portugal leads all the important world rankings, having overtaken destinations that previously featured in the guide of the most sought-after destinations for investing, living and resting, such as the south of France and the south of Italy, in Europe; and Miami, in American Florida." And the Algarve makes an important contribution to sustaining that leadership. "The region has a very wide offer of premium properties, along the nearly 150 km of coastline. The terrace, the patio, the balcony or the garden are part of the priorities of those who invest in the southernmost region of the country, with 99% of investors being foreigners."


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