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5 reasons why you really need to buy a house in the Algarve

5 reasons why you really need to buy a house in the Algarve

Find out why you really have to buy a house in the Algarve, the destination of 14 million tourists a year.

Let's forget about all commonplaces used to characterize the Algarve: the permanent sun, the calm and turquoise blue sea, the dozens of golf resorts and tennis courts, the casino and the marina, the boats and the picturesque fishing villages, the bustling daytime cultural agenda and the irresistible social nightlife. We can even, for a moment, leave aside the beautiful Arab influence on architecture, the whitewashed houses with terraces instead of rooftops, the Vilamoura villas with garden, swimming pool and privacy, the luxury of Vale do Lobo plots overlooking the sea, and the gastronomic taste of tradition (Portugal is the country in Europe that eats the most fresh fish) mixed with contemporary times (the south is the only region in the country with two Michelin-star restaurants).

The Algarve is all that and, of course, none of it can be ignored. But the Algarve, with an Atlantic coast from Portimão to Vila Real de Santo António, 200 kilometres of unbeatable beaches, is also the serenity of the landscape and its diversity, the waterfalls, the islands, the cliffs, the dunes, the hills, the mountains, the nature reserves; it is the security of the streets, of the condominiums, beaches, restaurants and cafés; it is the air quality and the full-scale decontamination of the cities; it is the preserved identity despite the progress in an area that borders Spain; it is the affordable cost of living and the willingness to tolerate and integrate in a place where all Portuguese speak English; it is the legislation that welcomes foreigners and the proximity to everything - within the region, the country and on the easy way to Europe and North Africa. The Algarve is a watch that runs slower than the hands of the rest of the world. And yet the airport is right there to keep the region open to the world.

In fashion for over 40 years, what does the Algarve of AlmancilVilamoura, Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo have to seduce more than 14 million tourists every year? Named the Portuguese Saint-Tropez or the Florida of Europe, what does this region facing the Atlantic Ocean have so that it is the place of choice for so many to live in, to buy a house, to enjoy holidays and to retire? So that it is today’s secret destination of figures such as Princess Caroline of Monaco, as it used to be the refuge of divas such as Ingrid Bergman?

Miguel Torga, an impartial Portuguese writer from Trás-os-Montes, wrote that "the Algarve is always a day of holidays in the homeland". And someone added that the Algarve is a break from life to discover new senses beyond the five senses we all have. So find out five more reasons why you really need to look for plots of land for sale in the Algarve or go straight to the point and buy a villa in the Algarve, considered the best place in Europe and one of the best in the world.

1. A jackpot in Vilamoura

Portugal is the fourth safest country in the world. In an Algarve that was discovered in the early 1960s, and whose real estate sector experienced a sharp increase in the 1980s, there's not a single story of insecurity to tell. That's why, in Portugal, the private condominium doesn't really have the meaning it might have in other countries, because the security it offers is almost redundant. However, for those who want, for example, to buy apartments in Vilamoura, the private condominium offers other benefits: swimming pool, terrace, garden, golf and proximity to the beach. All this in one development looks like a jackpot - and it is. But it exists. Check it out here.

2. A green lung in Vale do Lobo

There is no one who doesn’t want to be healthy all his life, because that satisfies the dream of longevity we all have. In order to achieve that, the place where we choose to live is crucial. In this sense, Vale do Lobo, which is a nursery of luxury villas surrounded by an immense stone pine forest, is an authentic green lung. Or, if you like, it's the best life insurance you can get. Try visiting plots of land like this, right in the Golden Triangle, and see how far you can stretch your quality of life.

3. A place to invest in Albufeira

It was the first region in the Algarve to become a tourist destination and today it accounts for 42% of the region's tourism. This typical fishing town, which many foreign portals choose as the best place in the world to live, is also, precisely due to its influx, one of the best places to invest. Buying an urban building with swimming pool, such as this, which already has a license for local accommodation, may well constitute a lifetime income.

4. An affordable life in the Algarve

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If you think it is mandatory to have a lot of money to find your house in the middle of the houses for sale in the Algarve, you're completely wrong. Properties in Portugal are among the most affordable in Europe, and the cost of living is about 30% lower than in any other civilized country. You may not believe it, but with less than half a million euros, you can buy your dream home and have the life you've always dreamed of. See these houses for sale in Vilamoura. Or these in Lagos.

5. A balloon of tranquility in Praia Verde

If you could only visit one beach in the world, Praia Verde, a balloon of oxygen, beauty and tranquillity, would be the most serious candidate. Just for one day, for your holidays. Or for life. Because it's possible to buy luxury villas with excellent construction there, in the municipality of Castro Marim, and walk to the beach or watch it from the terrace or garden. See here.


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