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12 reasons why a Brazilian wants to live in Portugal

12 reasons why a Brazilian wants to live in Portugal

When it comes to moving, there are 12 reasons that delight Brazilians in Portugal.

The language, the ease of obtaining documentation for the residency process, security (Portugal is the third safest country in the world, while Brazil ranks 105th), the health system, which is also one of the best in the world , the level of life and economic and political stability, the public transport system and the high quality of roads from the North to the South of the country, education (Portugal is, according to the PISA report, the only European country that continues to improve education since the beginning of this century), the speed and coverage of the internet, and the climate and gastronomy, including the wines.

Corruption, economic crisis, insecurity, poor public services and conservative agenda are the reasons pointed out by a certain middle and upper class to leave Brazil - but those were, more or less, the reasons mentioned four years ago, when there was a general stampede to the States United States, in particular to Florida.

Some numbers illustrate this movement of migration driven by the Brazilian crisis and the various attractions that Portugal has to offer. In 2014, there were 87,493 legal Brazilians in the brother-country. By 2016, there were 116,271. Only this year, the number of concessions of Portuguese citizenship for the Brazilian population increased by 35%. Between 2010 and 2017, more than 87,000 Portuguese nationality Visas were granted to brazilian citizens - 46,749 of them came from São Paulo.
There are some ways to legally migrate to European territory. Through the visa provided by the Consulate or Conservatoires and Civil Registry, directly in Portugal. The Golden Visa Permit is also a gateway.

Unlike the previous migratory flows, today the emigrants looking for Europe come from the middle class with purchasing power. This difference results from the emigration of more qualified and wealthy citizens, we can see it in the increase of financial transfers from Portugal to Brazil - from 55.6 million dollars in 2014 to 71.1 in 2016. In 2014, the percentage of Brazilians looking for real estate in Portugal was 6%, today it is 10% from all foreigners. By 2015, just 69 gold visas (residence permits in exchange for one million euros) had been granted to Brazilian citizens; today, that number rose to 282.
This range of reasons explains why the Brazilians already represent 10% of foreigners who buy a home in Portugal. If you are thinking of moving to Portugal then please contact us. At LUXIMO'S Christie's International Real Estate we have everything you need to discreetly and efficiently help you find the place of your dreams.



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