Set - Property (apartment, house or villa) for buy or rent

Building - Oporto 800 000 For Sale


, Porto, Vitória

Fantastic eighteenth-century building for reconstruction in the historic center of Oporto, near the Rua das Flores, the Palácio das Artes, the Palacio da Bolsa and Tradicional Ribeira.
With fantastic river views from the upper floors and possibility of increasing the construction area in patio.
Place of tourist interest, with hotel or residential potential.
It is located 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • 222.25m2
  • Reference: CS01540
    Building - Oporto 1 500 000 For Sale


    , Porto, Santo Ildefonso

    Set of two buildings in downtown Porto, one of the busiest arteries of invicta.
    One building has 8 floors and allocation for trade, being one hundred percent recovered.
    The other building is a warehouse with two floors open space.
    It is 22 minutes away from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

    • 408.50m2
    • Reference: CS01680
      Quinta - North of Portugal 700 000 / € 900 000 For Sale

      Quinta T7+1

      , Marco de Canaveses, Tuias

      Amazing country house, with chapel and agricultural facilities integrated in a bucolic setting.
      Benefits from relaxing views over the valley, ideal for those who appreciate the contact with the nature.
      It is located 5 minutes from the center of the beautiful city of Marco de Canaveses and 45 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

      • 72 640.00m2
      • Reference: CS00855
      • 8
      • 4
      Quinta - North of Portugal 1 650 000 For Sale


      , Guimarães, Creixomil

      Magnificent property with 26.009 m2 of land and sunny architecture, with remarkable testimony of the presence of the land and the consequent agricultural trend that characterized the region over the centuries.
      The property consists of a set of various buildings. The manor house has architectural features dating back to the early eighteenth century and in 1948 was partially destroyed by a fire. The house is made up of three floors, adjacent to the old barn and attached buildings destined to garage, guard house and support to agricultural activity. In the surrounding terrain are located three gardens of japoneiras, trees of good size and field of culture with three wells of support.
      There are also nine small houses of old buildings destined to also housing.
      Located 33 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

      • 26 009.00m2
      • Reference: CS01750
        Quinta - North of Portugal 850 000 For Sale


        , Lousada, Vilar do Torno e Alentém

        XIX century house, completely rebuilt in the early twentieth century.
        Over the past few years has led to various maintenance interventions, being in excellent condition.
        It consists of two floors, excellent rooms and several lounges.
        The outer structure and part of the interior is made all granite and in the outside area there are two squares.
        It is part of a agricultural set with 20,000 square meters consisting of various fruit trees.
        Excellent conditions for housing, such as to develop a tourism project.
        Located in the middle of the Vinho Verde region, near the center of Lousada and with roads with easy access.
        Is located 40 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 21 045.00m2
        • Reference: CS01372
        • 6
        • 2
        Quinta - North of Portugal 2 200 000 For Sale

        Quinta T5

        , Guimarães, Aldão

        Beautiful house of the 50`s.
        Manor House in excellent condition, set in a property with about 5.5 acres very well treated and with various supports, caretaker`s house and cold greenhouse.
        Exquisite interiors and beautiful architecture of the time make this house a rich piece, unique and of rare beauty.
        Peculiar property, luxurious, exquisite and glamorous.
        A special piece for a very special person.
        Prime location with stunning views of the hill and all over the fields, in a idyllic and bucolic environment, 3 minutes away from the center of Guimarães.
        Excellent access, close to the highway node and 40 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 55 891.00m2
        • Reference: CS01385
        • 5
        • 3
        Quinta - Oporto 1 300 000 For Sale


        , Gondomar, Fânzeres

        Magnificent manor house of the century. XVII, consisting of two separate buildings, one for residential and another independent, for the organization of events.
        In excellent condition, combines its secular heritage comfort that the present demands.
        Surrounded by a majestic garden where camellias reign and century-old magnolias that are the romantic setting and full of glamor to parties and events.
        A few minutes away from Porto and 11 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 5 545.00m2
        • Reference: CS01633
        • 4
        • 3
        House or Villa - Oporto 1 350 000 For Sale

        House or Villa V8

        , Porto, Paranhos

        Fabulous detached villa with 30 rooms, set in a prestigious residential area, surrounded by a beautiful garden, benefiting from total privacy and tranquility.
        Dating back to the early twentieth century, with beautiful period features.
        Located just 5 minutes away from the historic city center, and 15 minutes distance from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

        • 1 300.00m2
        • Reference: CS01679
        • 8
        House or Villa - Oporto 2 800 000 For Sale

        House or Villa V6

        , Matosinhos, Leça do Balio

        Exceptional house with great privacy, original project of the architect Pedro de Abreu with exquisite constructive execution.
        Space distinctive details such as ennobled circulation spaces for visual contact with social areas in contiguity by glass ceilings, skylights, double ceiling heights and gaps in middle floor.
        Tiering space accompanied by differentiation of high quality materials: white marble for common areas to exotic woods in the most private areas.
        Social and recreational areas capable to host large events forming a coherent set for high basement with lots of light in a continuous space between game room, indoor pool, gym paved terrace overlooking the outdoor pool.
        Advanced home automation controlling shading blinds, CCTV, sound system, automatic irrigation, pool cover, alarm, air conditioning.
        Excellent south orientation to the main areas, located in the center of a large walled lot, adjacent to similar blocks with great privacy.
        Garden populated by great diversity of arboreal elements of value like old olive trees, acacias and exotic plants granting a scenario with lots of character to a large outdoor pool.
        Good access and 10 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 2 504.00m2
        • Reference: CS01675
        • 6
        • 6
        House or Villa - Oporto 1 298 000 / € 1 500 000 For Sale

        House or Villa V5

        , Vila Nova de Gaia, Valadares

        Spectacular villa in second line of sea.
        Benefits from a wonderful garden and ocean views.
        Set in a very quiet area, 20 minutes away from downtown and Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 2 240.00m2
        • Reference: CS01490
        • 5
        Building - Oporto Price Upon Request For Sale


        , Porto, Miragaia

        Beautiful building for reconstruction in Oporto downtown, with fantastic views of the Douro river, with 6 floors above ground.
        Premium location for investors.
        Possibility of increasing the construction area.
        Eighteenth-century building, with history and designated as property of public interest.
        Located 20 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • Reference: CS01409
          Plot of Land - Oporto Price Upon Request For Sale


          , Vila Nova de Gaia, Santa Marinha

          Plot of land in the main avenue of Vila Nova de Gaia, set in a residential and commercial high standart area and of intensive edificability, allowing the development of a residential or mixed building with offices or trade, or even the construction of an hotel.
          Next to Banks, Hospitals, City Hall and the El Corte Inglês.
          Excellent accessibility to the main roads.
          Located 5 minutes away from Luis I Bridge, the Cable Car, "Cais de Gaia", Port Wine Cellars and 16 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

          • 2 188.10m2
          • Reference: CS01218
            Quinta - North of Portugal Price Upon Request For Sale


            , Barcelos, Barcelinhos

            Beautiful Quinta between forest and urban area.
            The house with traces ends of the nineteenth century and blazoned.
            Land set in the urban area, with construction viability.
            Just 2 minutes away from the center of Barcelos and 5 minutes distance from the main access roads.
            Locateds 30 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

            • 54 408.00m2
            • Reference: CS01626
              Hotel - Braga 4 990 000 / € 8 800 000 For Sale
              REDUCED PRICE

              Hotel T10

              , Braga, São Vicente Penso

              Hotel, rural house of the eighteenth century with architectural structure in granite stone typical of the region.
              Maintained over the years those traditional traits and was being updated at the level of the interiors with the most modern quality materials.
              Set in a rural area typically `Minhota`, in a quiet and green place where guests can relax in full, away from the city hustle and bustle.
              Constituted with local stone and wood floors, providing guests a welcome retreat.
              Just a few minutes from the center of Braga and 30 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

              • 3 147.00m2
              • Reference: CS01280
              • 10
              House or Villa - North of Portugal 1 100 000 For Sale

              House or Villa V5

              , Vieira do Minho, Vieira do Minho

              Built in the Natural Park of Geres, this luxurious castle century. XVII is now a charming boutique hotel with five comfortable suites with panoramic views of the mountains.
              Rebuilt in 2009, this hotel property boasts excellent reviews in the hotel market.
              Surrounded by a romantic setting, yet it has a beautiful pool and terraces where guests can enjoy moments of pure relaxation and enjoyment.
              History, quality and comfort are the key success of this property.
              Located a 100 km away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

              • 718.00m2
              • Reference: CS01563
                Quinta - Oporto 1 720 000 For Sale

                Quinta T4

                , Santo Tirso, Roriz

                Beautiful Quinta, excellent for leisure, agricultural holding and tourism.
                Manor house with rebuilt chapel and remodeled for 6 years ago in an impeccable state of conservation.
                Reconstruction made with the most advanced techniques, using materials of the highest quality and luxury finishes.
                Good thermal and acoustic insulation.
                Architecture maintenance with the moth and original environment complemented with modern comfort.
                Well structured and functional layout.
                Social area with dining and living room.
                Large kitchen, which combines the comfort and modern functionality with the beauty and charm of rural traditionality.
                Four suites, one located in the tower and the three comfortable others with direct access to the garden and framed with the magnificent pool.
                Excellent technical conditions, garage for 5-6 cars.
                The comfort and glamour of this house is complete with the beautiful gardens that surrounding it, giving complement to rural area, to the well delimited orchard, treated by the cottier, whose house and support warehouses complete the buildings of this property.
                Prime location in a quiet area, set in a beautiful bucolic landscape and in a retreat region.
                Good access, 10 minutes away from the city of Santo Tirso, 25 minutes from Oporto, the beaches and Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 43 705.00m2
                • Reference: CS01643
                • 4
                • 6
                Quinta - North of Portugal 1 250 000 For Sale


                , Castelo de Paiva, Pedorido

                Set of two quintas located in rural areas with urban characteristics and low-density housing.
                It is a region that is characterized by empathy and friendliness of local people and offering a good cuisine.
                It offers street in Portuguese sidewalk and a margin of 380m river.
                It also enhances the terraces in characteristic of the Douro schist, a swimming pool, forest areas, vineyards, orchards and other equipment.
                Farms have electricity grid, water supply, sanitation, telecommunications and other infrastructure.
                Integrated in the quinta is an ecologically preserved forest park with trees more than 70 years and some fabulous Douro views.
                The Quinta integrate not just a house emblazoned with 360 m2, but also another recently restored, both with individual kitchens.
                Both sober and austere typical Portuguese architecture of the years 1940-1960 with excellent build quality.
                A 25 minutes from the city of Porto.
                Boat is 90 minutes from Porto Ribeira.
                It is 35 minutes from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro and 1.8 km from the heliport.

                • 23 098.00m2
                • Reference: CS01555
                • 7
                • 6
                Quinta - North of Portugal 1 600 000 For Sale

                Quinta T5

                , Barcelos, Silveiros

                Inserted into a bucolic setting in the beautiful Minho landscape, in the North of Portugal, this habitation for tourism dates back to the end of the fifteenth century, maintaining the original design in the granite facade.
                Surrounded by gardens and leisure spaces, comprises 4 T1 apartments and 2 T2 apartments properly balanced and certificated for touristic accommodation.
                The property also has potential for agricultural or other exploitation, since that its area extends for about 23 ha of cultivation and forest area.
                It also includes a swimming pool and tennis court benefiting from all the privacythat the place can offer. 
                It is located 20 minutes distance from the Barcelos town, with services, hospitals, restaurants and 40 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 230 000.00m2
                • Reference: CS00917
                • 5
                • 5
                House or Villa - Oporto 1 000 000 For Sale

                House or Villa V4

                , Esposende, Esposende

                House set in a plot of 3280 m2 with swimming pool and details of great quality traditional architecture.
                The batch size lined with large presence of trees allows for complete privacy.
                The deck extends the garden and provides a lounge area and connection of the external / internal space.
                It is 11 minutes away from the beach, 20 minutes from the Natural Park of Apulia and 30 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 3 280.00m2
                • Reference: CS01560
                • 4
                • 4
                House or Villa - Oporto 2 000 000 For Sale

                House or Villa V4

                , Gondomar, Valbom

                Excellent house with swimming pool set in a luxury complex, just a few meters from the Palácio do Freixo with easy access and with the best view of the river.
                Combines comfort and wellbeing with sustainability and automation and therefore promotes the best scenario for those who appreciate the convenience of being near the accesses to the city with the tranquility of the magnificent river views and the privacy of each one of the residences.
                It is located 16 minutes away from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro and 12 minutes distance of golf courses.

                • 1 052.20m2
                • Reference: CS01365
                • 4
                • 4
                House or Villa - Oporto 1 200 000 For Sale

                House or Villa V7

                , Matosinhos, Matosinhos

                House located in the main axis of the city.
                It offers unique conditions for airport accessibility, highways, in addition to the attractiveness of the sea located just a few meters distance...
                The area is well served by transports (underground and buses), as well as social and commercial equipment.
                Built in the early 10`s of the last century, in an area of summer cottages.
                Set in a large plot, most is surrounded by gardens with various tree species, some of which are originate from Northern Europe.
                This villa is unique in the city, not only for its architectural features but also by the size of the land that surrounds it, such as lets us enjoy the nature in the city a few meters from the beach.

                • 1 997.50m2
                • Reference: CS01376
                • 7
                • 4
                House or Villa - North of Portugal 790 000 For Sale

                House or Villa

                , Santa Maria da Feira, Guisande

                Set in a bucolic environment, this traditional villa the North of Portugal, is characterized by its rustic nature and tranquility.
                In the property there is a chapel, tennis court, pool and a large garden.
                The main house, with two floors, features rooms with views to the inner courtyard and living rooms with warm atmosphere.
                The Casino of Espinho, as well as cafes and restaurants nearby the sea are 20 minutes away and the Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport is only 30 minutes distance.

                • 7 871.00m2
                • Reference: CS00507
                • 6
                • 4
                Building - Oporto 900 000 For Sale


                , Porto, Foz do Douro

                Building located in the prestigious Foz do Douro, with broad divisions and floors in open space, sea views and a nice terrace to enjoy a wonderful sunset or merely relax.
                Modern architecture and excellent construction, prepared for services or converted into housing.
                A 5-minute walk from the beach, placed in an area that offers a variety of services, restaurantes, close to schools and international private schools.
                Next to the City Park, 10 minutes away from the center of Oporto and 15 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 156.61m2
                • Reference: CS00985
                • 3
                House - North of Portugal 1 250 000 For Sale

                House or Villa V4

                , Viana do Castelo, Afife

                Unique opportunity. House with excellent areas in the North of Portugal.
                Projected and thought out to give comfort and definition to the space.
                With private pool and jacuzzi.
                New property with excellent quality finishes.
                Set in a peaceful and serene environment.
                The beaches of Afife and Rio Minho arefew meters distance, allowing the practice of several water sports.
                Located 13 km from the Minho River is ideal for the sport of windsurfing.
                It is located 1 hour away from the city of Oporto and 50 minutes from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

                • 2 813.65m2
                • Reference: CS00089
                • 4
                • 5