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Quinta - Oporto 1 300 000 For Sale


, Gondomar, Fânzeres

Magnificent manor house of the century. XVII, consisting of two separate buildings, one for residential and another independent, for the organization of events.
In excellent condition, combines its secular heritage comfort that the present demands.
Surrounded by a majestic garden where camellias reign and century-old magnolias that are the romantic setting and full of glamor to parties and events.
A few minutes away from Porto and 11 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • 5 545.00m2
  • Reference: CS01633
  • 4
  • 3
Quinta - Oporto Price Upon Request For Sale


, Vila Nova de Gaia, São Felix da Marinha

Villa with lush exotic gardens, ponds, fountains and woods, Romantic style, which gives it an idyllic atmosphere.
Excellent access and location, near the sea, 4 minutes from the golf course, leisure centers and downtown.
Main house with many halls with Art Nouveau influence / Deco, Venetian style, used primarily for concerts and proms, feeling inside an atmosphere full of history and culture.
The lower floor has a lounge for events being the largest and most contemporary space of the house.
With project approved for construction of 35 villas.

  • 15 000.00m2
  • Reference: CS01685
  • 6
  • 6
Quinta - Oporto 1 300 000 For Sale


, Vila do Conde, Vila do Conde

Fantastic Quinta with original architecture of a typical colonial building.
Surrounded by magnificent gardens, this property leads us to a little paradise, where peace and tranquility prevail.
Manifest care in its maintenance, this fabulous Quinta it serves as a scenery to several ceremonies.
It is located 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • 10 000.00m2
  • Reference: CS01469
    Quinta - Oporto 2 915 000 For Sale

    Vineyard T10

    , Maia, Maia

    Beautiful quinta with wine production started in the seventeenth century by the friars of the Convent of Leça do Balio.
    This property consists of several buildings, including a magnificent main house fully restored, retaining its original character, has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 3 rooms.
    Still exists a second home (home of the gate, or caretaker, or guest) and a separate one with three bedrooms, two baths, two living rooms and full kitchen.
    In the remaining buildings there is a small apartment with bathroom and kithnette and even a pool house with bathroom, Kitchnette and sauna.
    Among other recreational areas that the property offers, combined with paths and resting areas which provide tranquility just a few minutes from downtown, there is a tennis court, the house of dolls, a cellar and a garage for 4 cars.
    The quinta extends for several hectares, ending in an alley that is part of the pilgrim route to Santiago.
    It is located 19 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • Area: 243.00m2
    • 24 283.00m2
    • Reference: CS01449
    • 10
    • 8
    Quinta - Oporto 1 720 000 For Sale

    Quinta T4

    , Santo Tirso, Roriz

    Beautiful Quinta, excellent for leisure, agricultural holding and tourism.
    Manor house with rebuilt chapel and remodeled for 6 years ago in an impeccable state of conservation.
    Reconstruction made with the most advanced techniques, using materials of the highest quality and luxury finishes.
    Good thermal and acoustic insulation.
    Architecture maintenance with the moth and original environment complemented with modern comfort.
    Well structured and functional layout.
    Social area with dining and living room.
    Large kitchen, which combines the comfort and modern functionality with the beauty and charm of rural traditionality.
    Four suites, one located in the tower and the three comfortable others with direct access to the garden and framed with the magnificent pool.
    Excellent technical conditions, garage for 5-6 cars.
    The comfort and glamour of this house is complete with the beautiful gardens that surrounding it, giving complement to rural area, to the well delimited orchard, treated by the cottier, whose house and support warehouses complete the buildings of this property.
    Prime location in a quiet area, set in a beautiful bucolic landscape and in a retreat region.
    Good access, 10 minutes away from the city of Santo Tirso, 25 minutes from Oporto, the beaches and Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 43 705.00m2
    • Reference: CS01643
    • 4
    • 6
    Quinta - Oporto Price Upon Request For Sale


    , Vila Nova de Gaia, Pedroso

    Magnificent Quinta dating back to the eleventh century.
    Property that was part of the Pedroso Monastery whose construction predates the foundation of Portugal.
    Romanesque architecture property with all its visible and well preserved characteristics.
    The house is wrapped in beautiful gardens with fountains and walkways connected to the remaining property in a unique and romantic atmosphere.
    Of approximately 400,000 square meters of this Quinta we can find 100,000 square meters of woods with several trees, some centenarians, such as pine, oak, cork trees, 140,000 square meters of farmland, 100,000 square meters of equestrian center, 80,000 suqare meters of gardens and structures, as well as 50,000 square meters of built-up area for construction.
    In this excellent property are still other buildings such as the outbuilding to the manor house, old farm structures, granary floor, an equestrian center and some buildings in ruins which add about 5,000 square meters of construction area.
    It has great natural resources. It is crossed by a stream and several water lines, "devesas" and wells, providing only natural water.
    Excellent business opportunity to develop tourist operation, existing already a study project for a charming hotel, leveraging existing resources such as the equestrian center, the possibility of golf course construction with 9 holes and to develop housing construction agreement with the directives of the "PDM".
    Prime location, with quiet secluded location, well served by all kinds of services.
    Excellent access, 15 minutes distance from Oporto and beaches.
    It is located 25 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 410 979.00m2
    • Reference: CS01641
      House or Villa - Oporto 2 700 000 For Sale


      , Maia, Águas Santas

      Centenary property consisting of a manor house from the eighteenth century and a chapel, completely recovered, surrounded by a stunning garden with a lake and a fountain.
      Besides the main house there are two renovated houses and a tent with 250 m2, with eqquiped kitchen, prepared for multiple types of events.
      With excellent accessibility, is located only 14 minutes from the city of Oporto (A4) and 11 minutes from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

      • 5 390.00m2
      • Reference: CS00757
      • 4
      • 5
      Quinta - Oporto 1 850 000 For Sale

      Quinta T6

      , Penafiel, Paço de Sousa

      Spectacular property with original house of the XVI century, company of Jesus, who suffered major remodeling works in the end of the XIX century, and new works of restoration and improvement about 10 years ago.
      The main house has a chapel with gilt carved wood of the end of the XVIII century in excellent condition.
      The house is surrounded by romantic gardens dotted with lakes, pool, century-old camellias and fruit trees.
      It is located 20 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

      • Area: 1 000.00m2
      • 14 246.00m2
      • Reference: CS01210
      • 7
      • 6
      Quinta - Oporto 1 484 000 For Sale

      Quinta T5

      , Vila Nova de Gaia, Valadares

      Fantastic Quinta with house in final stage of finishing, wrapped in a scenario where peace and serenity reigns.
      With a fantastic space for the equestrian world lovers, contains 7 boxes, outdoor riding stables and a fantastic lake with tea room, which offers moments of pure relaxion outdoor.
      This is a property with refined details, thought to the smallest thing. The Quinta in Oporto, is crossed by a stream, and the sound of the water running through the rocks takes us to a well-being feeling and quality of life.
      It is located just 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport and 5 minutes distance from the beach.

      • 7 739.00m2
      • Reference: CS00974
      • 5
      • 5
      Quinta - Oporto 1 750 000 For Sale

      Quinta T7

      , Trofa, Muro

      Fantastic Quinta, with a remarkable beauty and tranquility, in Oporto.
      The land surrounding the property has a lemon tree grove, and some fruit trees.
      The indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court and playing field, provide moments of leisure and relaxation.
      With excellent accessibility, is located 20 minutes from the international airport of Porto (N14/A41).

      • 56 055.00m2
      • Reference: CS00285
      • 7
      • 5
      Quinta - Oporto Price Upon Request For Sale

      Quinta T6

      , Gondomar, Melres

      Fantastic detached villa with privileged views to the river, in the _ beach area and the mountain range around.
      The property with walls lined with shale and a large garden and orchard and natural bush is crossed by the river of Cabria.
      The villa has a private area for housing and another with panoramic views to the  events.
      The house develops into two floors all facing the river.
      The access are paved Portuguese stone sidewalk and interconnecting the different existing constructions in the property, allowing easy access to all places to the riverbank.
      It is located 30 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International  Airport.

      • 20 000.00m2
      • Reference: CS01162
      • 6
      • 10
      Quinta - Oporto 800 000 For Sale


      , Amarante, Gondar

      Secular property inserted in the Romanesque Route, with an extensive area of land ideal for cultivation and main house dating from the twelfth century all in double stone, recently restored where it has complied all the existing architecture and details uniting comfort and convenience in a quiet environment with all privacy.
      Rustic kitchen, guest house, wine press fully equipped, having the property a huge potential for cultivation and wine production.
      A 7 minutes distance from the center of Amarante, 5 minutes from the highway entrance (A4) and 40 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

      • 17 372.00m2
      • Reference: CS01122
      • 4
      • 6
      Quinta - Oporto 375 000 For Sale


      , Marco de Canaveses, Soalhães

      Small quinta consisting of 3 houses, the main house distinguishing itself by the wonderful glazed living room, and the remaining two, stone construction to recover, may even be converted into support apartments .
      Offering unique atmosphere of calm and wellbeing, surrounded by a landscape able to forget the busiest urban center.
      The land is divided by several rungs, forming wide fields around them.
      The existing outdoor pool, invites to leisure time in the hot summer afternoons.
      It is located just 15 minutes from Marco de Canaveses and Baiâo and 49 minutes away from Oporto airport.

      • 24 595.00m2
      • Reference: LS00537
      • 2
      • 3
      Quinta - Oporto 600 000 For Sale


      , Baião, Gestaçô

      Quinta located in the area of Baiãao, with production area (fruit trees, vines, blueberries), surrounded by a fabulous landscape.
      Was initiated the rehabilitation and construction of the old house, solar panels installation and preservation of the old granary.
      About 1 hour from Oporto and the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro, with excellent access (A4).

      • 30 000.00m2
      • Reference: LS01394