Tres - Propiedad (apartamento, casa o finca) para comprar o alquilar

Vineyard - North of Portugal 1 900 000 Venta


, São João da Pesqueira, Ervedosa do Douro

With a privileged location, located in the county which is the largest fortified wine producer in the Douro region, this farm winery is surrounded by a beautiful landscape in which the vineyards are the dominant brand.
Consisting of 9, 2 hectares of vineyards letter A, in addition to housing (V5) main, the property has cellar (with three granite mills), warehouse, laboratory and the engine room.
All the wine of this farm is done on the property, exclusively from grapes of the same.
Own brands of fine table wine, made as naturally as possible and distribution especially for the international market.
Located about two hours away from the international airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

  • Área: 217,10m2
  • 100 000,00m2
  • Referencia: CS01695
  • 5
  • 4
Building - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta


, Porto, São Nicolau

Excellent business opportunity.
Recognized space for restoration and hotel.
Situated in the best area of Ribeira (tourist place of election and World Heritage), with stunning river and bridge views.
This known restoration unit appears in all the main tourist and gastronomic tours of the city.
It is fully equipped with what is the best in the hotel business, with a capacity of 250 seating inside positions and around 60 outside seats.
It also has a cold cellar which received several awards.
The first three floors are prepared and equipped for restoration and there is the possibility of transforming the remaining floors into 8 to 9 apartments for housing, where we can enjoy excellent open views to the Douro River.
It is located 18 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • Área: 1 019,00m2
  • Referencia: CS01639
    Quinta - Oporto 2 915 000 Venta

    Viñedo T10

    , Maia, Maia

    Beautiful quinta with wine production started in the seventeenth century by the friars of the Convent of Leça do Balio.
    This property consists of several buildings, including a magnificent main house fully restored, retaining its original character, has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 3 rooms.
    Still exists a second home (home of the gate, or caretaker, or guest) and a separate one with three bedrooms, two baths, two living rooms and full kitchen.
    In the remaining buildings there is a small apartment with bathroom and kithnette and even a pool house with bathroom, Kitchnette and sauna.
    Among other recreational areas that the property offers, combined with paths and resting areas which provide tranquility just a few minutes from downtown, there is a tennis court, the house of dolls, a cellar and a garage for 4 cars.
    The quinta extends for several hectares, ending in an alley that is part of the pilgrim route to Santiago.
    It is located 19 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • Área: 243,00m2
    • 24 283,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01449
    • 10
    • 8
    Quinta - Oporto 1 720 000 Venta

    Granja T4

    , Santo Tirso, Roriz

    Beautiful Quinta, excellent for leisure, agricultural holding and tourism.
    Manor house with rebuilt chapel and remodeled for 6 years ago in an impeccable state of conservation.
    Reconstruction made with the most advanced techniques, using materials of the highest quality and luxury finishes.
    Good thermal and acoustic insulation.
    Architecture maintenance with the moth and original environment complemented with modern comfort.
    Well structured and functional layout.
    Social area with dining and living room.
    Large kitchen, which combines the comfort and modern functionality with the beauty and charm of rural traditionality.
    Four suites, one located in the tower and the three comfortable others with direct access to the garden and framed with the magnificent pool.
    Excellent technical conditions, garage for 5-6 cars.
    The comfort and glamour of this house is complete with the beautiful gardens that surrounding it, giving complement to rural area, to the well delimited orchard, treated by the cottier, whose house and support warehouses complete the buildings of this property.
    Prime location in a quiet area, set in a beautiful bucolic landscape and in a retreat region.
    Good access, 10 minutes away from the city of Santo Tirso, 25 minutes from Oporto, the beaches and Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 43 705,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01643
    • 4
    • 6
    Quinta - North of Portugal 1 450 000 Venta


    , Viana do Castelo, Areosa

    Spectacular villa characterized by the comfort, quality and perfect condition (fully renovated in 2007/2008), with all divisions with double frames and shutters.
    Main House:
    1st floor and tower - 3 double bedrooms (1 with fantastic three fronts sea view and balcony); 2 single rooms; 2 bathrooms (1 bath, 1 with shower), 1 living room with sea views balcony and outdoor access.
    Ground floor - 2 dormitories (4 bunk beds each), 2 bathrooms (1 bath, 1 with shower), hall with wardrobes, 1 social bathroom, 1 dining room with radial heating, 1 kitchen / fully equipped room (machine dishwasher, ice maker, microwave etc).
    Annex 1 - 1 living with radial heating, 3 double suites (bathrooms with shower with radial heating).
    Annex 2 - 4 double bedrooms with 2 bathrooms with shower and radial heating.
    Annex 3 - 2 suites (with 2 bunk beds in each).
    Annex 4 - 2 laundry machines.
    Annex 5- 1 bath with 4 boxes to swimming pool support, 3 `stores`/ warehouses for storage.
    Wonderful swimming pool with salt treatment.
    Located north of Viana do Castelo, with access to public transport, hospital, schools, supermarkets.
    A 5 km distance from the center, in a quiet area overlooking the sea, with pedestrian access to the beach, 8 kms from the idyllic Afife beach and 45 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 4 521,66m2
    • Referencia: CS01224
      House ou Villa - Oporto 1 200 000 Venta

      Casa V5

      , Porto, Nevogilde

      Classic moth house in the heart of Foz do Douro with period details.
      Excellent solar orientation with three fronts and near the beach parking, schools, services and facilities.
      It is located a 15 minutes away from International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

      • Área: 355,00m2
      • 173,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01567
      • 5
      • 3
      Buildings - Oporto 2 000 000 Venta


      , Porto, Campanhã

      Excellent business opportunity, with several construction possibilities, including a four-star hotel, where there is already a project in the Chamber of Porto.
      This building consists of three articles, the first of three floors and a patio; the second a three storey building and street greater than the former; the third one the ground floor of the house.
      Property for reconstruction, located on Marginal Freixo in Porto, near the Palácio do Freixo, Marina do Freixo and even the Press Museum.
      It also has excellent road access to the A1, A4 and VCI.
      It is 15 minutes away from the Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport and 5 minutes away from the center of Porto.

      Excellent business opportunity, with several construction possibilities, this property already has a project approved by the Chamber of Porto, for a four-star hotel.
      This building consists of ground floor, a large warehouse and the first floor there is space divided for offices / services.
      Located on Marginal Freixo in Porto, near the Palácio do Freixo and even the Press Museum.
      It also has excellent road access to the A1, A4 and VCI.
      It is 15 minutes away from the Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport and 5 minutes away from the center of Porto.

      • Área: 3 107,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01483
        House or Villa - Oporto 1 300 000 Venta

        Casa V4+1

        , Maia, Moreira

        Fantastic detached villa of four fronts in a quiet area, only 3 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.
        Equipped with every modern comfort and exclusively designed, created using the very finest materials, surround sound, home automation, video surveillance and three floors connected by lift.
        You will find here all the amenities in a peaceful environment, relaxed and total privacy, surrounded by a wonderful garden, with tennis court, gym, Turkish bath and movie theater.

        • Área: 200,00m2
        • 1 200,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01401
        • 4
        • 4
        Quinta - North of Portugal 2 000 000 Venta


        , Freixo Espada à Cinta, Poiares

        Excellent property in the Douro Region, with about 20 hectares of olive groves. The estate is south with stunning views over Spain and Barca d`Alva.
        It confines with the Douro river in about 400 mts, featuring water pumps and three intercalated water containers for irrigation.
        From the agricultural point of view, this estate in the North of Portugal has appropriate soil and climatic conditions to the wine production, as it is located in the Douro Region, reaching between 125 mts and 350 mts above sea level.
        It also has two houses in schist, in the final stage of construction, which can be used for rural tourism.

        • 310 000,00m2
        • Referencia: CS00258
          Apartment - Oporto 680 000 Venta

          Apartamento T3

          , Porto, Ramalde

          Located in the top floor and with fantastic views of the city of Porto, the beaches and Foz do Douro, this recently refurbished apartment features details of refinement in all its details.
          With three ensuite rooms, and three rooms that are extended to a very inviting terrace for convivial moments.
          The quality of the selected materials and their wide areas make this apartment unique in the city.
          Inserted in a place of reference in the city of Porto, next to international private schools, commerce, services and main accesses.
          It is located 10 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

          • Área: 352,00m2
          • Referencia: CS01079
          • 3
          • 4
          Vineyard - North of Portugal 3 500 000 Venta


          , Amares, Fiscal

          Extraordinary Vineyard, located in the Braga district, in the heart of Minho, completely walled and with an unparalleled beauty.
          Surrounded by a leafy ancestral forest, 11 acres of excellent quality vineyard, dedicated to the white wine and sparkling wine production.
          The main house is a solar of the seventeenth century with the typical features of Minho, with granite walls, which have been changed over the time. Its recovery has returned all the comfort and well-being to the solar, with the top floor intended for housing, with wide and generous areas, numerous divisions and stunning views over the property.
          Separate from the solar, also built in the seventeenth century, there is the chapel with a single nave, with an extremely beauty chancel.
          There are three more rustic buildings, constructed from granite, with two floors, which were also recovered. The largest one has four bedrooms and the others have two.
          In addition, there are two cellars duly adapted, and other spaces for support and storage.
          In the outdoor we can contemplate the magnificent gardens, the swimming pool and the tennis court.
          Located in an area dedicated to wine tourism, it has good accessibilities, 30 minutes away from the Peneda Geres National Park, 20 minutes from the city of Braga and 50 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

          • 228 042,32m2
          • Referencia: CS01006
            Beauty with tradition and history - North of Portugal 980 000 Venta


            , Ponte de Lima, Facha

            Located in Ponte de Lima, North of Portugal, this property is remarkable in beauty and tranquility.
            The main house is of the sixteenth century.
            Granite construction with main tower and a chapel.
            Reconstruction and repairs of the houses designed in 1991.
            The surronding of the property has an enormous variety of old big trees, two streams, a nice garden near the house, and three granite water-mills.
            Spring and Automn are wonderful there, Summer temperature is excellent.
            Located 5 minutes away from the Golf course of Ponte de Lima, 5 minutes from the historic center, and 60 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

            • Área: 800,00m2
            • 11 000,00m2
            • Referencia: CS00016
            • 8
            • 7
            Quinta - North of Portugal 980 000 Venta

            Granja T4

            , Amares, Prozelo

            Spectacular property located 1km from the center of Amares and 300 meters from the Cávado River.
            Walled Quinta with stone house, swimming pool, artificial lake, playing field and an agricultural land with several fruit trees.
            The property is supplied by three springs and benefits from open views to the Serra do Gêres.
            Located 10 minutes away from the historic city of Braga and 50 minutes distance from the International Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

            • 15 467,00m2
            • Referencia: CS01270
            • 4
            • 4
            Business Establishment - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta


            , Vila Nova de Gaia, Madalena

            Space with a great area, with right foot of 6 meters, inserted in a luxury condominium in first line of the sea.
            Located on the floor -1 of the project, receives natural and direct light through three large skylights, strategically placed over the pool and the indoor garden.
            Suitable for an Health Club, Spa, Clinic, among other options.
            Is located in a unique seaside environment, 10 minutes away from the golf course of Miramar, 15 minutes distance from downtown and the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

            • 2 025,00m2
            • Referencia: CS00766
              Apartment - Oporto 550 000 Venta

              Apartamento T4+1

              , Porto, Foz do Douro

              In the heart of "Foz Velha" and with magnificent views of the mouth of the Douro River, we can find this charming apartment.
              With immense brightness and large areas in all divisions.
              All the parts face south enjoying the sea and river views.
              The room is divided into three distinct environments, culminating in a generous balcony facing the Foz do Douro.
              For those who are looking for tranquility and quality of life, a few minutes from the beach.
              With excellent accessibility, proximity to various services (restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, schools), 10 minutes away from the center of Porto and 20 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

              • Área: 244,31m2
              • Referencia: LS01662
              • 5
              • 4
              Penthouse - Oporto 700 000 Venta

              Apartamento T7

              , Vila do Conde, Mindelo

              Fabulous penthouse on the seafront with panoramic views to the ocean and beach.
              This duplex apartment, with great areas, has a terrace with more than 200 m2 facing the sea, equipped with a rustic kitchen with barbecue.
              Three suites, all with balcony, great areas and lots of storage.
              The living area is on the same floor of the terrace, providing a communication with the outside area, features a fireplace and underfloor heating throughout the apartment.
              Inserted in a condominium with garden, outdoor pool and playing field.
              The surrounding area lets you enjoy maximum tranquility and well being.
              With excellent access, 5 minutes drive from the metro and access to A28.
              Located 20 minutes from the center of Oporto, 12 minutes from Vila do Conde and 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

              • Área: 480,00m2
              • Referencia: LS01577
              • 7
              • 7
              Building - North of Portugal 500 000 Venta


              , Valença, Valença

              Beautiful building of the eighteenth century, in good structural condition.
              Singular architecture of the time with unic architectural traces.
              Prime location within the walls of Valença fortress, in the heart of tourism.
              Location and property full of tradition, where the story never ends.
              Excellent opportunity for hotel property, services or residence.
              A 3 minutes distance from Spain and 60 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

              • 240,00m2
              • Referencia: LS01440
                Moradia - North of Portugal 320 000 Venta

                Casa V4

                , Viana do Castelo, Subportela

                Beautiful house rebuilt 2 years ago, semi new with an architecture which blends traditional portuguese architecture with contemporary dash.
                Very functional, developing in two floors, where the second includes only the master suite with access to a terrace with stunning views of the Serra de Arga.
                Layout well structured with the social area consists of three rooms: dining room, living room and kitchen with harmonious link between them and all with access to the garden complemented by a beautiful outdoor pool in perfect environment with all the magnificent landscape.
                All this framework offers to this house a comfortable and very glamorous environment.
                Good access, transport, just 10 minutes away from the center of Viana do Castelo and beaches, and 40 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 1 200,00m2
                • Referencia: LS01636
                • 4
                • 4
                Restaurante & Bar - Oporto 140 000 Se traspasa


                , Matosinhos, Matosinhos

                Excellent business opportunity.
                House divided into two distinct spaces: bar and restaurant.
                Large areas that were carefully decorated.
                Great location, near a parking and the metro station.
                It is located 10 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • Referencia: LS01384
                  Store - Oporto Precio a solicitud Se traspasa


                  , Porto, Foz do Douro

                  Excellent store located on the seafront, with the possibility of License for trade / services.
                  The property has a front with a showcase.
                  Located in a privileged area of services, shops and homes.
                  Has License for game machine of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia.
                  Located 20 minutes away from Francisco Sa Carneiro International Airport.

                  • Área: 67,00m2
                  • Referencia: LS01653
                    House or Villa - Oporto 390 000 Venta

                    Casa V3+1

                    , Paços de Ferreira, Sanfins de Ferreira

                    Interesting property located in a rural and quiet area.
                    Consists of a main house (3 + 1) and a guest house divided into three apartments T1.
                    Large lawned garden with flowers and fruit trees and swimming pool.
                    It is a 15 minutes away from Paços de Ferreira and 35 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                    • 4 980,00m2
                    • Referencia: LS01558
                    • 4
                    • 1
                    Apartment - Oporto 240 000 Venta

                    Apartamento T3

                    , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

                    Excellent apartment with three fronts, with good distribution of the spaces, inserted in a residential condominium with 24 hour security and green spaces.
                    Very central area, providing quick access to main roads.
                    Next to colleges, Botanical Garden, 5 minutes away from the riverfront of Douro River, and 12 minutes away from International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

                    • Área: 173,97m2
                    • Referencia: LS01063
                    • 3
                    • 3
                    Building - North of Portugal 200 000 Venta


                    , Valença, Valença

                    Building of 3 floors with excellent location within the Valença fortress, along one of the access doors.
                    In good structural condition, offering commercial space plus two floors.
                    Good opportunity for services, hotel or housing.
                    Situated in the tourist center of Valençaa, 3 minutes distance from Spain and 60 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                    • 138,00m2
                    • Referencia: LS01439
                      Building - Oporto 700 000 Venta


                      , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

                      Building in the first line of Passeio Alegre with great potential to turn into apartments or luxury villa.
                      3 fronts with magnificent river views, 4 floors and regular front and side facade, with two divisions on the ground-floor, three on the 1st floor and three on the 2nd floor, large garden and belvedere.
                      Located 15 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                      • 150,00m2
                      • Referencia: LS01407
                        Restaurant - Foz do Douro 180 000 Se traspasa


                        , Porto, Foz do Douro

                        Superb fully equipped store and prepared for restoration, located in the heart of Foz do Douro.
                        This restaurant with high reputation, recently renovated with an innovative and stylish concept offers a generous dining room, fully equipped kitchen, service area (bathhouse and bathroom with independent entrance) bar and reception area.
                        A unique opportunity in one of the zones most desirable in OPorto city.
                        Just a few minutes walk from the beach, 5 minutes from Av. Da Boavista and main access and 10 minutes from the Historic Center.

                        • Referencia: LS01193