Douro river - Propiedad (apartamento, casa o finca) para comprar o alquilar

Apartment - Oporto 1 150 000 Venta

Apartamento T5

, Porto, Foz do Douro

Apartment with stunning sea views.
The estuary of the Douro river is in a private condominium with garden.
Situated in the privileged Foz do Douro, with good access, next to Serralves Foundation and Portuguese Catholic University.
The apartment has spacious balconies around the perimeter which provide a unique experience with materials and fine finishes such as marble, wood or corian and equipment that promote the well being, safety and eco-efficiency.
Among the equipments highlights the home automation system, heating through underfloor heating, security system that warns against intrusion, floodings, fire and gas leak, solar panels, LED lighting and water utilisation for irrigation, having energetic classification A +.
It is located 16 minutes away from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

  • Área: 489,60m2
  • Referencia: CS01674
  • 5
  • 5
Building - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta


, Porto, Miragaia

Beautiful building for reconstruction in Oporto downtown, with fantastic views of the Douro river, with 6 floors above ground.
Premium location for investors.
Possibility of increasing the construction area.
Eighteenth-century building, with history and designated as property of public interest.
Located 20 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • Referencia: CS01409
    House or Villa - Oporto 800 000 Venta

    Casa V3+1

    , Gondomar, São Cosme

    Fantastic villa with magnificent views over the Douro river, with garden, eucalyptus and pine.
    Space for barbecue and a wonderful retreat for outdoor reading.
    It also has a swimming pool, with majestic river views.
    A few meters from the Palácio do Freixo and the marina.
    Very close to "Ribeira" and the city of Oporto.
    Good access to transport networks.
    It is located 20 minutes away from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

    • 4 100,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01672
    • 4
    • 4
    Land - Oporto 1 740 000 Venta


    , Vila Nova de Gaia, Santa Marinha

    Enjoying a privileged  and central location in the riverside of Gaia, this land boasts wonderful views over the old town of Oporto, classified as World Heritage by Unesco.
    It is located over the iconic D. Luís I bridge, that interconnects the cities of Oporto and Gaia, over the majestic Douro river.
    Its unique character is due to the optimal solar exhibition, as well as the excellent location on a higher plan, where we can see a unique scenery in the world.
    Land that allows for numerous possibilities of building, making it an outstanding bet for investors.
    It is located just a few minutes from the center of the beautiful cities of Gaia and Porto and 18 minutes away from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

    • 1 565,00m2
    • Referencia: CS00770
      Building - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta


      , Porto, São Nicolau

      Excellent business opportunity.
      Recognized space for restoration and hotel.
      Situated in the best area of Ribeira (tourist place of election and World Heritage), with stunning river and bridge views.
      This known restoration unit appears in all the main tourist and gastronomic tours of the city.
      It is fully equipped with what is the best in the hotel business, with a capacity of 250 seating inside positions and around 60 outside seats.
      It also has a cold cellar which received several awards.
      The first three floors are prepared and equipped for restoration and there is the possibility of transforming the remaining floors into 8 to 9 apartments for housing, where we can enjoy excellent open views to the Douro River.
      It is located 18 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

      • Área: 1 019,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01639
        Building - Oporto 750 000 Venta


        , Porto, Vitória

        Fantastic eighteenth-century building for reconstruction in the historic center of Oporto, near the Rua das Flores, the Palácio das Artes, the Palacio da Bolsa and Tradicional Ribeira.
        With fantastic river views from the upper floors and possibility of increasing the construction area in patio.
        Place of tourist interest, with hotel or residential potential.
        It is located 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 222,25m2
        • Referencia: CS01540
          House or Villa - Oporto 1 150 000 Venta

          Casa V5

          , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

          Fantastic townhouse in excellent condition, located in a residential area of excellence, with privileged views of the Douro River.
          Noble materials and of high quality.
          Nice and generous terrace.
          Located 5 minutes away from the traditional district of Ribeira, the beaches and 15 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

          • 177,00m2
          • Referencia: CS01656
          • 5
          • 4
          House or Villa - Oporto 1 950 000 Venta

          Casa V4

          , Gondomar, Melres

          Spectacular property with modern architecture housing and wide margin of river.
          The house enjoys total privacy and stunning views of the Douro River.
          Large areas to luxury finishes characterize this house, which is surrounded by a wonderful outdoor space: with garden, orchard and pool.
          It is located 15 minutes away from the historical city of Porto and 30 minutes International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

          • 2 720,00m2
          • Referencia: CS01566
          • 4
          • 4
          Quinta - North of Portugal 1 250 000 Venta


          , Castelo de Paiva, Pedorido

          Set of two quintas located in rural areas with urban characteristics and low-density housing.
          It is a region that is characterized by empathy and friendliness of local people and offering a good cuisine.
          It offers street in Portuguese sidewalk and a margin of 380m river.
          It also enhances the terraces in characteristic of the Douro schist, a swimming pool, forest areas, vineyards, orchards and other equipment.
          Farms have electricity grid, water supply, sanitation, telecommunications and other infrastructure.
          Integrated in the quinta is an ecologically preserved forest park with trees more than 70 years and some fabulous Douro views.
          The Quinta integrate not just a house emblazoned with 360 m2, but also another recently restored, both with individual kitchens.
          Both sober and austere typical Portuguese architecture of the years 1940-1960 with excellent build quality.
          A 25 minutes from the city of Porto.
          Boat is 90 minutes from Porto Ribeira.
          It is 35 minutes from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro and 1.8 km from the heliport.

          • 23 098,00m2
          • Referencia: CS01555
          • 7
          • 6
          Land - Oporto 2 100 000 Venta


          , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

          Land for construction in an excellent location in a privileged area of Porto.
          A one minute from Douro River banks, is the perfect location to benefit the quality of life that the marginal has to offer.
          With building capacity of 3728 square meters, ideal for investment.
          It is located 17 minutes away from International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

          • 3 389,78m2
          • Referencia: CS01580
            Land - Oporto 1 700 000 Venta


            , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

            Land for construction in an excellent location in a privileged area of Porto.
            A minute from Douro River banks is the perfect location to benefit the quality of life that the marginal has to offer.
            With building capacity of 2788 square meters, it is ideal for investment.
            It is located a 17 minutes away from International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

            • 2 209,00m2
            • Referencia: CS01579
              Monastery - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta


              , Marco de Canaveses, Alpendurada e Matos

              Originally built in the 11th century to serve the Order of Saint Benedict, this unique medieval convent is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Douro Wine region. 
              The property was restored into a luxury hotel preserving the historic and cultural value with the comfort and needs of our days.
              The greatness of the building harmonizes perfectly with the portuguese tiles, the 17th and 18th century furniture and chandeliers and rooms with Roman and Arabic influence.
              The monk cells still maintain its austerity, but they are now 40 comfortable suites providing maximum tranquility and serenity.
              In addition to the Convent there are also 20 restored houses, originally built by the Benedictines.
              A variety of rooms with unique architectural value provide a complete and diverse space configuration for events and meetings, a medieval kitchen and a chapel.
              A rare collection of restored carriages is part of the legacy of the convent.
              The monastery property comprises a wide garden area, beautiful river views, indoor and outdoor pools, river beach, tennis court and slopes with natural springs.
              Just 1 hour drive from central Oporto and Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

              • 500 000,00m2
              • Referencia: CS01393
                House or Villa - Oporto 1 400 000 Venta

                Casa V5

                , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

                New single family house, located in the best areas of the city of Oporto, with generous areas, details in each division, garden all around the pool and privileged views.
                The master bedroom suite is facing south, with open views of the surrounding landscape.
                The main room boasts a fantastic terrace where we can see a nice panoramic view of the Douro river.
                Close to schools, renowned international private schools, university, is located 10 minutes distance from the center of Oporto, 5 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 858,00m2
                • Referencia: CS01019
                • 5
                • 6
                Private mansion - Oporto 1 200 000 Venta


                , Porto, Cedofeita

                Fantastic palace of the late XIX century in Oporto, fully restored, perfect conjugation between the historical and traditional charm, with all the comfort of the modern solutions.
                Generous areas and a beautiful romantic garden, perfect to enjoy the daily routine, of what is the current world capital of tourism.
                Perfect combination for a family, an hotel, exhibition of works of art, or a registered office.
                Located in the heart of the historic city of Oporto, the new Arts District, close to all commerce, services and with a good network of public transportation.
                It is located 14 minutes away from the international airport Francisco Sá Carneiro, the Douro River and the Sea.

                • 751,00m2
                • Referencia: CS00817
                • 10
                • 7
                Apartment - Oporto 800 000 Venta

                Apartamento T4

                , Porto, Foz do Douro

                Excelent apartment in prime location of Foz do Douro, enjoys some stunning views of the sea and river.
                Recently renovated also benefits from a terrace from where you can enjoy convivial moments and relax.
                A few steps from the famous ride Alegre, this apartment combines comfort and well-being to excellent accessibility and amenities.
                It is located a 20 minutes away from International Airport Francisco Sa Carneiro.

                • Área: 221,00m2
                • Referencia: CS01573
                • 4
                • 4
                Vineyard - North of Portugal Precio a solicitud Venta


                , Alijó, Favaios

                Fantastic Vineyard in the Douro region, with excellent location over the Pinhão river.
                Secular Quinta filled with history and traditions and the only one that holds 3 "feitoria pombalinos" landmarks demarcating the Douro Wine Region.
                With a total size of 61 ha, with own production of about 220.000 bottles of excellent wines of Porto and Douro Doc high quality, still has a modern vertical cellar with capacity for vinification and storage capacity for 1,000,000 bottles.
                Own brands and distribution for national market and expansion to the International.
                Property very well cared, with a decoration based on the tipicism of the region, with cobbled streets and the buildings for the winery, warehouses, laboratories and showroom with tasting room very well framed and with stunning views of the Quinta and the river.
                Good access, located 25 minutes distance from Régua, 30 minutes from Vila Real and 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                • 615 200,00m2
                • Referencia: CS01447
                  Apartment - Oporto 850 000 Venta

                  Apartamento T4

                  , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

                  Excellent duplex on the top floor in reference venture with gated community (24 hr security) in marginal da Foz do Douro.
                  Inserted in a green park of 10,000 m2.
                  Good solar orientation, generous terraces with plenty of privacy and wide visual field of river and city.
                  Contemporary architecture with high quality materials and details, carefully executed, and complemented by modern home automation system (shading blinds, sound, water heating, air conditioning, video surveillance, alarm).
                  Highlight details such as access to hall of individualized stairs, spa, top floor with separate terraces and plus four rooms and enclosed garage with extra area.
                  Located 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                  • Área: 297,25m2
                  • Referencia: CS01556
                  • 4
                  • 5
                  Apartamento - Valbom 750 000 Venta

                  Apartamento T3

                  , Gondomar, Valbom

                  Superb apartment of unique dimensions, inserted in a private condominium over the Douro River.
                  Stunning views, fully facing the river bank, with excellent storage space, excellent materials and a privileged sun exposure.
                  Property ready to live, fully equipped and furnished.
                  Condominium with a large garden, 2 pools, playing field, tennis court and direct access to an anchorage in the beautiful Douro river bank.
                  It offers excellent road access.
                  Located 5 minutes distance from the historic center of Oporto and 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                  • Área: 638,54m2
                  • Referencia: CS01424
                  • 3
                  • 4
                  Villa - North of Portugal 1 500 000 Venta


                  , Marco de Canaveses, Alpendurada e Matos

                  Quinta in a very attractive rural environment.
                  With swimming pool, stables, horsemanship, and barn.
                  Wonderful views over the beautiful landscape of the region, as well as the river Douro in its splendor.
                  21,000 m2 of vineyard, winery and wonderful green spaces.
                  Located 40 minutes from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

                  • Área: 28 392,00m2
                  • Referencia: CS00043
                  • 7
                  • 7
                  Duplex Apartment - Oporto 680 000 Venta

                  Apartamento T5+1

                  , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

                  Fabulous duplex apartment, inserted in a luxury gated community with 24 hour security, private gardens and indoor pool.
                  The terraces on each floor, provide stunning views of the Douro River, superior finishes and excellent sun exposure, are features that ensure maximum comfort and offer exceptional quality of life.
                  It is located 8 minutes distance from the historical city center, 7 minutes from the City Park and 13 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

                  • Área: 335,60m2
                  • Referencia: CS00983
                  • 6
                  • 5
                  Vineyard - North of Portugal 1 250 000 Venta


                  , Mesão Frio, Vila Marim

                  Vineyard magnificently located, in the North of Portugal, with superb views of the Douro river and over the vineyards, where the glimpse of the landscape fills us with an immediate feeling of fullness.
                  This property appears in documentary references, dated 1758, in a existing document in the Tower of Tombo, in Lisbon, in parish memories of the abbot of Vila Marim.
                  Of more than 10 ha of which 9.25 ha of vineyards, skirted by a border of olive trees, vineyard that produces high quality wine and provides one of the most important producers of Port wine.
                  The quality of the grapes is due not only to the sun exposure, on a hillside facing south,  such as the planting of selected and autochthonous regional grape varieties: Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Touriga French, Touriga National and Malvaviafina.
                  The Quinta composed of a schist house with 2 floors, where we can enjoy a better overview of the Quinta, the caretakers house (for recovery), the basement of which are available 10 cement vats with a capacity of 50 barrels of wine, a building with 4 mills and a chapel dedicated to S. Lourenço.
                  This Quinta is located 1hr distance from Oporto International Airport.

                  • 105 400,00m2
                  • Referencia: CS00611
                  • 2
                  • 2
                  Quinta - North of Portugal 2 000 000 Venta


                  , Freixo Espada à Cinta, Poiares

                  Excellent property in the Douro Region, with about 20 hectares of olive groves. The estate is south with stunning views over Spain and Barca d`Alva.
                  It confines with the Douro river in about 400 mts, featuring water pumps and three intercalated water containers for irrigation.
                  From the agricultural point of view, this estate in the North of Portugal has appropriate soil and climatic conditions to the wine production, as it is located in the Douro Region, reaching between 125 mts and 350 mts above sea level.
                  It also has two houses in schist, in the final stage of construction, which can be used for rural tourism.

                  • 310 000,00m2
                  • Referencia: CS00258
                    Quinta - North of Portugal 3 500 000 Venta

                    Granja T5

                    , Vieira do Minho, Soengas

                    Gerês is one of the most beautiful and attractive natural regions of Portugal considered by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.
                    In this splendid quinta there are two houses ready to inhabit and a ruin to recover. The main house has extensive grounds and stunning views of the river and the mountain range.
                    To ensure the thermal insulation, an innovative heating system was installed through the windows and mirrors.
                    The guest house has been completely restored respecting the traditional style of granite houses.
                    The pool located next to the river has a small bungalow that serves as support.
                    In the property there is a anchorage designed to adapt to different levels of the river.
                    With good access is located 1 hour distance from the  Francisco Sá Carneiro airport.

                    • 17 679,00m2
                    • Referencia: CS00485
                    • 5
                    • 5
                    House or Villa - Oporto 750 000 Venta

                    Casa V6+1

                    , Vila Nova de Gaia, Canidelo

                    Spectacular property with a classic style house surrounded by charming romantic gardens and stunning views over the mouth of the Douro river.
                    A 2 minutes distance from the beautiful beach of Lavadores, 5 minutes from the modern Douro Marina and 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport. 

                    • 1 310,00m2
                    • Referencia: CS01202
                    • 7
                    • 5