Beira douro - Propiedad (apartamento, casa o finca) para comprar o alquilar

Building - Oporto 800 000 Venta


, Porto, Vitória

Fantastic eighteenth-century building for reconstruction in the historic center of Oporto, near the Rua das Flores, the Palácio das Artes, the Palacio da Bolsa and Tradicional Ribeira.
With fantastic river views from the upper floors and possibility of increasing the construction area in patio.
Place of tourist interest, with hotel or residential potential.
It is located 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • 222,25m2
  • Referencia: CS01540
    Land - Oporto 1 740 000 Venta


    , Vila Nova de Gaia, Santa Marinha

    Enjoying a privileged  and central location in the riverside of Gaia, this land boasts wonderful views over the old town of Oporto, classified as World Heritage by Unesco.
    It is located over the iconic D. Luís I bridge, that interconnects the cities of Oporto and Gaia, over the majestic Douro river.
    Its unique character is due to the optimal solar exhibition, as well as the excellent location on a higher plan, where we can see a unique scenery in the world.
    Land that allows for numerous possibilities of building, making it an outstanding bet for investors.
    It is located just a few minutes from the center of the beautiful cities of Gaia and Porto and 18 minutes away from the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

    • 1 565,00m2
    • Referencia: CS00770
      House or Villa - Oporto 800 000 Venta

      Casa V3+1

      , Gondomar, São Cosme

      Fantastic villa with magnificent views over the Douro river, with garden, eucalyptus and pine.
      Space for barbecue and a wonderful retreat for outdoor reading.
      It also has a swimming pool, with majestic river views.
      A few meters from the Palácio do Freixo and the marina.
      Very close to "Ribeira" and the city of Oporto.
      Good access to transport networks.
      It is located 20 minutes away from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

      • 4 100,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01672
      • 4
      • 4
      Building - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta


      , Porto, São Nicolau

      Excellent business opportunity.
      Recognized space for restoration and hotel.
      Situated in the best area of Ribeira (tourist place of election and World Heritage), with stunning river and bridge views.
      This known restoration unit appears in all the main tourist and gastronomic tours of the city.
      It is fully equipped with what is the best in the hotel business, with a capacity of 250 seating inside positions and around 60 outside seats.
      It also has a cold cellar which received several awards.
      The first three floors are prepared and equipped for restoration and there is the possibility of transforming the remaining floors into 8 to 9 apartments for housing, where we can enjoy excellent open views to the Douro River.
      It is located 18 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

      • Área: 1 019,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01639
        House or Villa - Oporto 1 150 000 Venta

        Casa V5

        , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

        Fantastic townhouse in excellent condition, located in a residential area of excellence, with privileged views of the Douro River.
        Noble materials and of high quality.
        Nice and generous terrace.
        Located 5 minutes away from the traditional district of Ribeira, the beaches and 15 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 177,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01656
        • 5
        • 4
        Quinta - North of Portugal 1 250 000 Venta


        , Castelo de Paiva, Pedorido

        Set of two quintas located in rural areas with urban characteristics and low-density housing.
        It is a region that is characterized by empathy and friendliness of local people and offering a good cuisine.
        It offers street in Portuguese sidewalk and a margin of 380m river.
        It also enhances the terraces in characteristic of the Douro schist, a swimming pool, forest areas, vineyards, orchards and other equipment.
        Farms have electricity grid, water supply, sanitation, telecommunications and other infrastructure.
        Integrated in the quinta is an ecologically preserved forest park with trees more than 70 years and some fabulous Douro views.
        The Quinta integrate not just a house emblazoned with 360 m2, but also another recently restored, both with individual kitchens.
        Both sober and austere typical Portuguese architecture of the years 1940-1960 with excellent build quality.
        A 25 minutes from the city of Porto.
        Boat is 90 minutes from Porto Ribeira.
        It is 35 minutes from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro and 1.8 km from the heliport.

        • 23 098,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01555
        • 7
        • 6
        House or Villa - Oporto 1 500 000 Venta

        Casa V4+1

        , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

        Fantastic classic moth villa located in the most exclusive and peaceful residential streets of Oporto.
        Characterized by the generously sized areas, combined with noble materials such as marble and wood.
        From the living room we have the possibility to enjoy a pleasant terrace with absolutely wonderful and unalterable views over the Douro River.
        With garden and patio with porch.
        It is located about 10 minutes away from the traditional Ribeira, 5 minutes from the beaches of Foz and 15 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • Área: 440,00m2
        • 834,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01346
        • 5
        • 4
        Apartment - Oporto 1 044 700 Venta

        Apartamento T4+1

        , Porto, Massarelos

        Unique apartment, luxurious, new, with merely stunning finishes.
        Great luminosity and marvelous views over the river Douro.
        Inside the housing, all details were thought providing comfort, resulting from an unusual dimensions of the spaces and the performance provided by thermal protection, hydric and acoustic.
        The apartment allows a unique lifestyle, a new way of inhabiting the historical spaces by returning to the city part of its priceless heritage.
        It is located 15 minutes from the international airport, 9 minutes from the golf course and just a few 3 minutes distance from traditional "Ribeira" and Port Wine Cellars.

        • Área: 345,50m2
        • Referencia: CS00345
        • 5
        • 1
        Land for construction of 6 villas in the center of Foz do Douro 1 200 000 Venta

        Casa V4

        , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

        House for restoration surrounded by a spacious land with approved project to build 6 houses in prime area of the city .
        Well located, with pool and a unique garden area next to Avenida da Boavista.
        Close to private schools, 10 minutes distance from Foz do Douro and 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro airport .
        The Music House and adjacent metro station are within 10 minutes walk  and Ribeira, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is a 10 minute drive.

        • Área: 2 040,00m2
        • Referencia: CS00010
        • 1
        • 4
        Apartment - Oporto 100 000 Venta

        Apartamento T1

        , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

        Great apartment located next to shore of the Douro riverfront, practical and functional, is the perfect solution for those who enjoy living in full urban center, with a prime location in Oporto.
        With excellent accessibility.
        It is located 12 minutes from the international Oporto airport, 5 minutes away from Foz do Douro, 8 minutes distance from traditional Ribeira and the well known Port Wine Cellars.

        • Área: 53,60m2
        • Referencia: LS00848
        • 1
        • 1
        Triplex House or Villa - Oporto 350 000 Venta

        Casa V3

        , Gondomar, Valbom

        Great triplex villa, designed with materials and high quality finishes, combining comfort with functionality.
        Excellent sun exposure.
        Privileged location in a quiet residential area with wonderful views of the Douro River.
        It is located two minutes from the Freixo marina, 10 minutes distance from traditional Ribeira and 20 minutes distance from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

        • Área: 284,00m2
        • Referencia: LS01123
        • 3
        • 3
        Apartment - Oporto 420 000 Venta

        Apartamento T3

        , Porto, Massarelos

        Set in a very distinctive and pleasant closed condominium, along the Douro River, this apartment has an excellent distribution and use of space, allying comfort to functionality.
        Great sun exposure, in a very quiet area.
        It is located 5 minutes away from beach, 10 minutes from the traditional Ribeira and 15 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • Área: 196,90m2
        • Referencia: LS01213
        • 3
        • 2
        House or Villa - Oporto 600 000 Venta


        , Porto, Foz do Douro

        House of classical traces, to restore, in prime area of ​​Foz do Douro, in Oporto, with wonderful views to the sea.
        Close to restaurants, commerce, services and well served by an excellent network of public transportation.
        It is located 1 minute away from beautiful beaches, 10 minutes from traditional Ribeira and Port wine Cellars and 14 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

        • 182,00m2
        • Referencia: LS00824