House Hunters shoots TV episode with LUXIMO'S Porto

2016-10-13 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

The House Hunters International, a North American production, recorded an episode in Porto with our company LUXIMO'S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE. House Hunters is a hugely popular American television show, followed by 25 million viewers per month. It screens on the Travel Channel. Each episode depicts customers, usually of North American origin, looking for new homes to buy or lease, with the help of a local real estate agent. This week it premiered in the United States the program made in Porto with LUXIMO'S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE. "Porto has a Wow Factor", says Glenn Tasky, an economist from San Francisco who works in Bangladesh and choosed Porto to live. Glen is a banking supervision advisor who works with Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Jordan and Bangladesh and tells us the story of how he fell in love for a house in the Douro River front. But, after all, what is this "Wow Factor"? Watch the episode here and surrender yourself.

Do the math in Porto style

2016-09-29 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Porto is one of the very few cities in the world where the arrival of tourists boosted the economy but did not drive out the residents of their natural territory. This year alone, one million French visited Portugal. But Porto is not a tourist town, it?s a city of perfect communion between residents and visitors, between who goes and who stays. It is this symbiosis that makes the city this unusual place where it is so good to live and to work. And where everything is always unusually in order, which gave rise to the expression: "Do the math in Porto style?. Honor is praised, no one gets to owe anything to anyone. This week, the city has not won any award. But it received praise from unsuspected rating agency Fitch, which commended the governance of the city. For all of this, we selected a set of buildings that illustrate the plural capacity of Porto: it is good to live and good to invest. The properties we show you are good to inhabit and/or transform.

Foreigners in love with Portugal

2016-09-22 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Almost every week we read in the press another story of someone who fell in love with Portugal and decided to change the whole life to be able to change country. Every week we could tell you a different story, but today we just show you the numbers that these stories represent: foreign investment recorded a total of 23% of real estate transactions in the first quarter of 2016. This means 94% of the 950 million invested so far. Find with us where to invest.

You'll have the best of both worlds here

2016-09-14 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Imagine a neighborhood where you can have one foot on earth and the other on the moon at the same time. A neighborhood where your house has total privacy, but the neighbors say "good morning" with that warmth of old-fashioned education. Imagine that your home is one step away from the sea and within walking distance of downtown. Imagine a place where traffic is a strange word, where you can do everything on foot. Because you have right there the best grocery stores, the best restaurants, the best terraces, the best coffee houses. Imagine the beauty wherever you look, the cleansing, the feeling of the inexplicable mixture of tradition and cosmopolitanism. Imagine the proximity of the City Park, the Casa da Música, the great Serralves Museum. All this one minute away. Imagine superb views without leaving home. It is all this that makes Foz and Nevogilde the most desirable districts of Porto. Luxury is to have the best of all worlds all at your doorstep. This is what you can find in the selection that we prepared this week for you.

Portugal is fashionable

2016-09-06 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

In September begins the countdown for the autumn. Back to life, work, home. And if it's good to have holidays, travel and recess, returning home when our house is, as the Spanish philosopher Gregorio Marañón wrote, "our homeland", is much better. We return to our homeland, but many foreigners return with us. And they live in a country that was not theirs but that they adopted. Portugal is definitely fashionable. And it is no accident. Discover why it is the chosen home of so many.

Porto with red soles

2016-08-31 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Red soles are to Christian Louboutin what romanticism is to Porto ? a strong brand that imposes itself. The shoes of the most famous designer in the world are recognizable from afar, just like the charm of the second largest Portuguese city. But it should be seen up close, to feel the ground and discover its colors and smells. It can even be visited in high heels, which is not valid for any city. Discover how elegant it is to live in the heart of a romantic city.

On the upstream, I came close to dream

2016-08-09 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Faust is almost always identified as Goethe's character that made a pact with the devil. But here, what interests us is Fausto, the Portuguese composer who reveals the country like few others. And this is the portuguese Fausto who sings: "For this upstream Leaving behind The deep concave House smoke I got close to the dream " And it is this Fausto who speaks of the rivers and skies, ginger and honey, silks and porcelains, pepper and cinnamon, paintings and balconies, the bewitched forests, orange trees and wheat fields. And like "how peace comes for this upstream." This list sung in a beautiful poem is Portugal. This river is Portugal. And it reminds us of the wine estates that frame the landscape. So this week, we have selected for you some of our best buildings of peace.

Farms for less than a million? Yes, they exist.

2016-08-02 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Portugal is characterized by the existence of numerous farms and solar houses in paradisiacal places. Many of them promote nature, produce wine, agricultural goods and make relaxation inevitable. Most of them have nicely rustic architecture and all the details for comfort. In a small country, these places still have another advantage: they are hidden secrets, and just a little over an hour from the airport. And yes, it is possible for less than a million euros. You dont believe it? Here's our selection.

Read this if you've always dreamed of living by the sea

2016-07-28 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (1919 - 2004), one of the most important Portuguese poets of the twentieth century, devoted much of her work to the sea, that she compared to a Picasso painting. The sea is life in all its phases, she said. And she always wanted to return to the sea. "From all corners of the world I love with a stronger and deeper love That beach enraptured and bare, Where I joined the sea, the wind and the moon. " Sophia lived mostly in cities and sea houses. And that has indelibly marked everything she wrote and did. And Sophia was huge! "There is always a fantastic God in the Houses Where I live in and around my steps I feel great angels whose wings They contain all the wind out of space. " Today, what we propose to you is, therefore, a trip to the sea, to our best houses on the waterfront.

When the river and the sea are part of home decoration

2016-07-15 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

There are unpayable details in a house that are part of the imagination of everyone: open the window and have as main neighbor the blue river, the sea, the sky. This week, we selected a set of properties that combine the best of all the worlds.

If you?re not going to live life to the fullest, what are you going to do?

2016-07-07 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Summer rhymes with holidays, and holidays rhyme with time. It is time to take time, quality time - time also to read. On the couch, in the garden, by the pool. Sometimes it's that time of the year when we revisit the great classics of literature that teach us so much. Today we give you a suggestion, not only because it is one of the best novels of all time, but also because it offers inspiration for the holidays. In "The Ambassadors," a dazzled and dazzling novel about Europe, the hero of Henry James give us an advice: ?Live all you can; it's a mistake not to. It doesn't so much matter what you do in particular so long as you have your life. If you haven't had that what have you had? ? I haven?t done so enough before?and now I'm too old; too old at any rate for what I see. ? What one loses one loses; make no mistake about that. ? Still, we have the illusion of freedom; therefore don't be, like me, without the memory of that illusion. I was either, at the right time, too stupid or too intelligent to have it; I don?t quite know which. Of course at present I'm a case of reaction against the mistake. ? Do what you like so long as you don't make my mistake. For it was a mistake. Live!?

Apartments that do not look like apartments

2016-07-05 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

In our house we have to fit our lives, our past, our collections, our treasures. Because our life can not be impaired if we live in an apartment, fall in love for our selection of luxury apartments and discover why an apartment can be much more than just an apartment.

This is not a quiz ...

2016-06-16 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

... But it could be. Which Portuguese city has collected more awards in recent years? Best destination, best food, best hotels, best airport, safest city, the most romantic, friendly and hearty of Europe, and the one with the best quality/price ratio.

Porto, wonderful city

2016-05-29 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Porto is known as the city of work. And also by its quality of life. And its affectionate people. It is the city where you can work hard, live well and be happier. Find out why.

Christie's International Real Estate Annual Conference

2016-05-20 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

The city of Dublin, Ireland, was the venue for the 2016 annual conference of Christie's International Real Estate, in which LUXIMO'S International Real Estate was present. The LUXIMO'S International Real Estate thus continues to consolidate its reference and prestigious position, becoming increasingly strong in its leadership of the luxury market. Believing that success depends on the quality of the relationship with the customer, LUXIMO'S continuously enhances the concepts of credibility, discretion and excellence. Christie's International Real Estate has now 32,000 real estate agents across 1,350 offices in 46 countries. LUXIMO'S is the award-winning and exclusive affiliate to the North of Portugal. Thanks to all who are part of this success story.

How can we bring summer into the house?

2016-05-04 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

What do we want to have at home in the summer? We want sea view. Or river. Or both. We want a pool. We want a garden. We want space to gather family and friends. We want lots of light. And we want privacy. Can you have it all at the same time? Yes. Just take a peek at our selection.

Jane Austen & Siza Vieira. What do they have in common?

2016-04-19 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Jane Austen was a renowned english writer of the nineteenth century. Siza Vieira, Pritzker Prize in 1992, is clearly considered one of today's greatest living architects. What do they have in common? May be a single poetic objective.

Love is a luxury. And luxury can be love?

2016-03-22 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

In Easter week, we take you to know the convent where, in a sense, Portugal was born. It is a rare and unique piece and yes, it is for sale.

This week, LUXIMOS Portuguese Real Estate shows you the romantic Porto.

2016-02-24 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

This week, LUXIMOS Portuguese Real Estate shows you the romantic Porto.

Newsletter LUXIMO'S Portuguese Luxury Real Estate/ CHRISTIE'S International Real Estate

2016-02-08 - LUXIMOS - Luxury Real Estate Specialists Worldwide

Find out why Portugal leaves no one indifferent. And why the Portuguese houses feed the imagination forever.

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