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Real Estate: Luxury Houses & Properties For Sale,North of Portugal

LUXIMOS Christie´s Real Estate: Buy in, North of Portugal, 36 Luxury Houses & Properties for sale

Villa with pool, vineyards and mountain views, for sale, in Baião, North Portugal
Ref.: LS04528 4 6
€ 1 290 000
Selling: Palacete to restore with gardens and centennial fountain, in Lamego, Douro Valley, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04512
€ 950 000
New apartment with balcony, for sale, in Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal
Ref.: LS04510-LT07192 3 3
€ 899 000
Selling: Property with swimming pool, lakes and gardens, in Barcelos, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04476 5 6
€ 3 500 000
Property with gardens for renovation, for sale, in Maia, Porto, Portugal
Ref.: LS04450 6 6
€ 690 000
Sale of Wine Property in Douro Valley, in Samodães, Lamego, Portugal
Ref.: LS04302 3 3
€ 650 000
Fabulous manor property, for sale, in Cerva, Ribeira da Pena, Portugal
Ref.: LS04380 8
€ 1 400 000
Farm with country house and pool, for sale, in Castelo de Paiva, North Portugal
Ref.: LS04362 5 6
€ 980 000
Selling: Property with pool and gardens, in the Douro Region, Cinfães, North Portugal
Ref.: LS04349 11 11
Selling: Farm with country house, swimming pool and garden, in Guimarães, North Portugal
Ref.: LS04326 2 2
€ 500 000
Vineyard in Douro Valley for sale, in Penajoia, Lamego, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04317
€ 750 000
Rustic house, for sale, by the Ria de Aveiro, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04296 2 2
€ 350 000
Selling: Country House in the heart of the Douro Valley, St.ª M. Penaguião, North Portugal
Ref.: LS04293 5 3
€ 600 000
Sale of Village with typical houses, Arouca, Portugal
Ref.: LS02158
€ 1 200 000
Country house for sale with rural tourism, in Valpaços, Vila Real, Portugal
Ref.: LS04273 10 10
€ 1 000 000
Sale of country house surrounded by garden, V. N. Famalicão, Portugal
Ref.: CS02134 7
€ 980 000
Selling: Vineyard with river views, Lamego, Douro Wine Region, Portugal
Ref.: LS04224 4 4
€ 600 000
Sale: House with river views, pool and garden, in Gondomar, Portugal
Ref.: LS04215 4 3
€ 895 000
Agritourism farm with vineyard, for sale, in Lousada, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04229
Sale: country house w/ typical architecture, Marco Canaveses, Portugal
Ref.: CS02812
€ 1 450 000
Sale of Vineyard by the Douro River, in Castelo de Paiva, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04119 5 6
€ 1 950 000
Farm with views to Douro river, Douro Demarcated Region, Portugal
Ref.: LS01670 3 2
€ 440 000
Sale of farm with rural tourism, in Vimioso, Bragança, North of Portugal
Ref.: LS04095 12 14
€ 1 250 000
Contemporary country house with pool, for sale, Barcelos, Portugal
Ref.: LS04074 4 5
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