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Luxury Defined | 26 março 2021
It’s time for Oscar’s closeup. The nominations are in and the countdown is on for Tinseltown’s biggest night: the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday, April 25. The five homes in this Luxury Defined collection are stars in their own right: Elegant and luxurious, their provenance is a lasting, sometimes profound connection to the movies and the people who make them.
Schengen Visa Info
Portugal’s government has decided to extend the deadline to exclude investments in Porto and Lisbon from the country’s Golden Visa Scheme from July 2021 to January 2022. According to some agents, six more months available for all applicants to invest, are expected to boost inquiries for homes interested in permanent residency in European countries.
ECO News
Starting in January 2022, getting a golden visa in Portugal has new rules. From January 1, 2022, applying for a golden visa in Portugal will have different rules. The most important has to do with buying a house, which will only be possible in the country’s interior regions and on the islands.
Portugal Resident
New rules bump the deadline forwards by six months, meaning ARI (standing for authorisations of residency for investment), commonly known as ‘golden visas’ – can continue to be sought within the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, and in coastal areas, for that much longer. What this means is that anyone seeking to buy property in exchange for a golden visa in Lisbon, Porto or a coastal area like most parts of the Algarve now has a golden window until the end of the year.
Portugal Resident
On 1 January the UK fully left the EU, bringing an end to over four decades of automatic freedom of movement for UK nationals. While this is a big change, Britons have chosen to visit and make their home in Portugal long before the UK joined the EU and will continue to do so after Brexit. And, of course, Portugal will continue to welcome UK citizens, albeit under different rules.
Property Investor Today
Since the Brexit transition period ended just over a month ago, and the UK ceased to be a part of the EU, there has been all manner of confusion, question marks, concerns and queries about investment and travel between the EU27 and Britain.
Decanter Magazine | 18 September 2020
This week's property inspiration for aspiring wine producers draws on vineyard estates listed for sale in, or close to, UNESCO-listed wine areas. Wine has been made in the wider Alto Douro region for 2,000 years, according to UNESCO, which granted this picturesque vineyard region of Portugal a world heritage listing back in 2001. One of these wine estate, in the Douro area, is listed by LUXIMOS Christie´s for €3.3m (£3m).
Christie's Real Estate | 21 July 2020
Quinta Villa Beatriz, a jewel-like blue palace on the banks of the River Ave, is an 18th-century neo-Gothic masterpiece surrounded by 173 acres of landscaped gardens, ancient woodland, farmland, and vineyards (...) The silver screen finally captured Quinta Villa Beatriz itself in the 2005 film Espelho Mágico (Magic Mirror), a surrealist satire about religion and the class system, shot on location at the estate. The film was directed by Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal’s greatest filmmaker.
Portugal Resident | 29 April 2020
Portimão’s iconic São Francisco convent, which has been abandoned for years and even served as refuge for homeless people before it was boarded up by its owners, is up for sale for €8 million. An advert announcing the arrival of the historic building to the property market has been posted on the Idealista property website by Luximos Christie’s. It is described as a “property with potential for tourism or housing which can be renovated and whose construction area can be increased”.