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VICEROY RESIDENCES- OMBRIA: Luxury apartments, Querença, Loulé, Algarve, Portugal



New development, currently under construction, with luxury apartments, for sale, Querença, Loulé, Algarve.

Environmentally sustainable, this development is a haven to relax in permanent contact with nature, as it is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and verdant valleys. It also has fantastic views to rivers and to the golf course.

Ombria Resort has luxury apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms, fully furnished and equipped, known as Viceroy Residences. The Viceroy Residences are an investment in a private home or for tourist exploitation with Viceroy's hotel management and services.

Exclusive resort, ensuring a high level of comfort, with infrastructures such as golf course, SPA,  and restaurants.

Owners benefit from privileged access to the resort's facilities and a guaranteed rental return.

The apartments have been designed by Winberly Interiors, integrating local natural materials.

Located in an area in permanent contact with nature, a few minutes from Loulé and less than 20 minutes from Faro International Airport.

Reference TypeGaragePricePlans  
1LS01465-AV T1--€ 781 200 Know more
1LS01465-CK T2--€ 1 154 100 Know more
1LS01465-BD T2--€ 1 214 100 Know more
1LS01465-CN T2--RESERVED Know more
1LS01465-DB T1--Sold Know more
1LS01465-DM T1--Sold Know more
1LS01465-DN T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-EB T1--Sold Know more
1LS01465-CI T2--Sold Know more
1LS01465-CM T2--Sold Know more
1LS01465-AH T2--Sold Know more
1LS01465-AL T2--Sold Know more
1LS01465-CL T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-CA T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-CD T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-DD T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-DF T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-DO T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-DP T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-DQ T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-AU T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-AW T1--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-BN T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-AG T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-AI T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-BC T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-CY T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-CZ T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-AK T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-BL T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-CV T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-EL T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-DZ T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-EA T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-CJ T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-EE T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-EG T2--Sold-- Know more
1LS01465-EI T2--Sold-- Know more

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