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The Valley: composed of flats and villas, located in Lagoa, Algarve

The Valley: 8 x 1+2 bedroom flats and 8 x 1+2 bedroom villas, located in Lagoa, Algarve

This development features eight 1+2 bedroom flats and eight 1+2 bedroom villas.

The flats feature an elegantly equipped open plan kitchen and living room with access to the pleasant terraces, an en suite bedroom and two rooms that can be converted into bedrooms or an office.
The outdoor leisure area is accessible through any of the rooms of these comfortable flats.

The Villas in this development have an elegantly equipped kitchen open plan to the living room, three rooms, one of which is an en suite bedroom with built-in wardrobe, and two rooms that can be converted into bedrooms or offices.

Outside we have a pleasant leisure area with garden and private swimming pool accessible from any room of the property.

Both the flats and the villas are sold fully furnished.

In an excellent location, about 40 minutes from Faro International Airport.

Reference TypePricePlans  
1LS01870-118 T3€ 520 000 Know more
1LS01870-121 T3€ 490 000 Know more
1LS01870-122 T3€ 490 000 Know more
1LS01870-119 T3€ 480 000 Know more
1LS01870-105 T3€ 490 000 Know more
1LS01870-108 T3€ 505 000 Know more
1LS01870-131 T3€ 480 000 Know more
1LS01786-245 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-233 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-238 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-220 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-228 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-227 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-222 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-221 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01871-202 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01871-201 T3Sold Know more
1LS01871-207 T3Sold Know more
1LS01871-208 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-109 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-112 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-117 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-126 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-133 T3Sold Know more
1LS01877 T1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-232 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-242 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-244 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-224 T2+1Sold-- Know more
1LS01786-230 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01870-125 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-120 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-123 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01870-124 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-101 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01870-102 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01870-104 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01870-103 T3Sold-- Know more
1LS01870-107 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-106 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-110 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-111 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-114 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-115 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-116 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-127 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-129 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-132 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-128 T3Sold Know more
1LS01870-130 T3Sold Know more

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