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New closed condominium of 32 new apartments for sale, with modern design and generous balconies, with 2 and 3 bedrooms, in Lagos, Algarve.

With a prime location, between Lagos Marina and the historical centre of the city, this residential development by the award-winning architect Mário Martins stands out for its quality, contemporary architecture, luxury finishes, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, with special emphasis on the generous terraces, with an average area of 35 m2.

Each of these new apartments has features that ensure maximum comfort for families, such as excellent solar orientation, master suite with balcony and air conditioning included in all rooms. The large open-space dining rooms include fully equipped kitchens (induction hob, oven, microwave, fridge, extractor hood, dishwasher and washing machine).

The social areas of this condominium are enriched with an outdoor pool, a sauna, a gym and large green areas. All properties include 1 or 2 parking spaces, depending on the typology of the apartments.

Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, surrounded by commerce and services, 1 km from Lagos Marina, 900 metres from the historical centre of the city of Lagos and 15 minutes walk from the beach.

About 60 minutes from Faro International Airport.

Scheduled to be completed in July 2021.

Reference TypeAreaBalcony areaTerrace areaFloorGaragePricePlans
1CS01229-0A T2123.95--29.45R/CParking Space (1)€ 340 000
1CS01229-0C T2138.25--38.75R/CParking Space (1)€ 370 000
1CS01229-0D T2138.25--38.75R/CParking Space (1)Sold
1CS01229-0F T2123.95--29.45R/CParking Space (1)€ 360 000
1CS01229-1A T2133.755.834.31Parking Space (1)€ 390 000
1CS01229-1C T3191.105.834.31Parking Space (2)€ 500 000
1CS01229-1D T3210.55--67.61Parking Space (1)€ 500 000
1CS01229-1F T2133.755.834.31Parking Space (1)€ 390 000
1CS01229-2F T2133.755.834.32Parking Space (1)€ 400 000
1CS01229-3C T3191.10--45.153Parking Space (2)€ 730 000
1CS01229-3D T3191.10--45.53Parking Space (2)€ 730 000
1CS01229-3E T3180.158.638.73Parking Space (2)€ 730 000
1CS01229-3F T2133.755.834.33Parking Space (1)€ 430 000
1CS01229-4A T2133.755.834.34Parking Space (1)€ 480 000
1CS01229-4B T3180.15--38.74Parking Space (2)€ 760 000
1CS01229-4D T3191.10--45.54Parking Space (2)Sold
1CS01229-4E T3180.158.638.74Parking Space (2)€ 780 000
1CS01229-4F T2133.755.834.34Parking Space (1)€ 480 000
1CS01229-5B T3180.15--38.75Parking Space (2)Sold
1CS01229-5C T3277.00--45.55Parking Space (2)Sold
1CS01229-5D T3277.00--95.055Parking Space (2)Sold
1CS01229-5E T3180.158.638.75Parking Space (2)€ 850 000