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Port Hillside Residence

Port Hillside Residence

Port Hillside Residence


Private condominium Jardim das Camélias: new apartments in Vila Nova de Gaia 

Jardim das Camélias is a new development inserted in a closed condominium, well located in Vila Nova de Gaia, with balconies that offer views over the city of Porto.

This closed condominium with 39 apartments of typologies T1, T2, T3, T3+1 and T4 is ideal for families who value safety, quality of life and comfort. The condominium offers leisure areas such as outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, Jacuzzi, sauna, event room and amenities such as garage and individual storage area.

With modern and quality finishes, the materials were carefully selected. The kitchen is equipped with Smeg appliances. The double-glazed windows are made of aluminium with thermal breakage. And there are details that ensure all the comfort, such as air conditioning "Inverter", home automation and energy pre-certification A+.

Architectural project signed by Architect José Fernando Gonçalves.

Strategically located, close to the metro station and with quick access to VCI and the centre of Porto.



Reference TypeAreaBalconyFloorGaragePricePlans
LS03107 T180.40------Sold--
LS03108 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03109 T293.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03110 T180.40----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03111 T180.40----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03112 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03113 T289.80----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03114 T293.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03115 T3169.90----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03116 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03117 T2106.50----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03118 T3142.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03119 T3130.90----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03120 T3152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03121 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03122 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03123 T2106.50----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03124 T3142.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03125 T3130.90----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03126 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03127 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03128 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03129 T2106.50----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03130 T3142.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03131 T3130.90----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03132 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03133 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03134 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03135 T2106.50----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03136 T3142.00----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03137 T3130.90----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03138 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03139 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03140 T2116.00----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03141 T2106.50----Parking Space (1)Sold--
LS03142 T3142.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03143 T3130.90----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03144 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--
LS03145 T3+1152.30----Parking Space (2)Sold--