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New 3-bedroom Apartments, near Avenida da Boavista, Porto, Portugal

New residential development, consisting of 34 modern apartments, next to Boavista avenue, one of the main arteries of Porto.

The 3-bedroom apartments, in their final stage of finishing, result from the rehabilitation of an old building, keeping its original façade, with modern interior design that appears in white and neutral tones, reflecting natural light through the rooms.

Noble location, quality, comfort and security are the main assets of these family apartments, with generous areas, lots of light and great finishes, among which stand out false ceilings in plasterboard with built-in LED focus, solid flooring nailed in Jatobá, double glazing with electric shutters and central heating with radiators. Fully-equipped modern kitchens and laundry. Security was not left to chance and all the apartments have security doors, video intercom with camera and the common areas have motion and smoke detectors.

The apartments on the upper floors offer breathtaking views of the city and also sea views.

Each property has private parking and storage.

Surrounded by supermarkets, schools, services and public transport, such as metro stations, this residential development is ideal for families who value living in one of the strategic centres of the city of Porto.


Reference TypeAreaFloorGaragePrice
CS03589-E12 T4447.6012Parking Space (8)€ 1 100 000
CS03589-EA1 T3124.401Parking Space (1)Sold
CS03589-EA10 T3135.7010Parking Space (2)€ 350 000
CS03589-EA11 T3135.7011Parking Space (2)€ 355 000
CS03589-EA2 T3124.402Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EA3 T3124.403Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EA4 T3124.404Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EA5 T3135.705Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EA6 T3135.706Parking Space (2)€ 340 000
CS03589-EA7 T3135.707Parking Space (2)€ 342 500
CS03589-EA8 T3135.708Parking Space (2)€ 345 000
CS03589-EA9 T3135.709Parking Space (2)€ 347 500
CS03589-EB1 T3160.701Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB10 T3160.7010Parking Space (2)€ 395 000
CS03589-EB11 T3160.7011Parking Space (2)€ 400 000
CS03589-EB2 T3160.702Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB3 T3160.702Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB4 T3160.704Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB5 T3160.705Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB6 T3160.706Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB7 T3160.707Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB8 T3160.708Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EB9 T3160.709Parking Space (2)€ 390 000
CS03589-EC1 T3146.861Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EC10 T3170.7010Parking Space (2)€ 399 000
CS03589-EC11 T3170.7011Parking Space (2)€ 399 000
CS03589-EC2 T3146.862Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EC3 T3146.862Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EC4 T3146.864Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EC5 T3170.705Parking Space (2)€ 390 000
CS03589-EC6 T3170.706Parking Space (2)€ 395 000
CS03589-EC7 T3170.707Parking Space (2)€ 395 000
CS03589-EC8 T3170.708Parking Space (2)Sold
CS03589-EC9 T3170.709Parking Space (2)Sold