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Acquadalva is the new residential development in Paranhos, characterised by its white, impetuous structure and irreverent, contemporary design.

The development comprises elegant and modern apartments, of typologies studios, one, two and three bedrooms.

The flats are characterized by their functional layout, good distribution of spaces, excellent sun exposure and high quality finishes, being fully equipped and decorated.

Ideal for those who value quality of life, comfort, architectural details, design and high level of construction, where details such as floating floor, white Guangxi marble in kitchens and bathrooms, Bosch type built-in appliances, video intercom, blackout blinds, central vacuum and air conditioning stand out.

Inserted in a quiet and family residential area, with excellent accessibility to the historic area of the city, Hospital of São João and University Campus, and close to trade, services, transport network, as well as the main road accesses.


Reference TypeAreaBalcony areaFloorGaragePrice
LS04270-02A T3152.2419.051Parking Space (1)€ 429 000
LS04270-02AA T168.33--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AB T168.33--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AC T3149.93--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AD T287.50--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AE T292.00--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AF T3137.4320.493Parking Space (1)€ 402 000
LS04270-02AG T2113.70--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AH T291.13--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AI T3149.7616.084Parking Space (2)Sold
LS04270-02AJ T2111.22--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AK T3148.61--4Parking Space (1)€ 414 000
LS04270-02AL T168.33--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AM T168.33--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AN T3149.93--4Parking Space (1)€ 414 000
LS04270-02AO T287.50--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AP T292.00--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AQ T3137.4320.494Parking Space (1)RESERVED
LS04270-02AR T2113.70--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AS T291.13--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AT T3152.8721.35Parking Space (2)Sold
LS04270-02AU T2121.05--5Parking Space (1)€ 330 000
LS04270-02AV T3152.48--5Parking Space (1)€ 429 000
LS04270-02AX T168.33--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AY T168.33--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02AZ T3153.64--5Parking Space (2)€ 429 000
LS04270-02B T2119.28--1Parking Space (1)€ 315 000
LS04270-02BA T284.49--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BB T3139.97149.645Parking Space (3)€ 540 000
LS04270-02BC T291.04--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BD T291.13--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BE T3149.5617.786Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-02BF T2115.30--6Parking Space (1)€ 325 000
LS04270-02BG T3149.16--6Parking Space (3)€ 418 000
LS04270-02BH T168.33--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BI T168.33--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BJ T3151.27--6Parking Space (3)€ 433 000
LS04270-02BK T286.78--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BL T3141.67--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BM T291.04--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BN T291.13--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BO T3149.7917.787Parking Space (4)Sold
LS04270-02BP T2115.30--7Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BQ T3149.16--7Parking Space (3)€ 433 000
LS04270-02BR T168.33--7--Sold
LS04270-02BS T168.33--7Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BT T3151.27--7Parking Space (3)€ 433 000
LS04270-02BU T286.78--7Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BV T3141.67--7Parking Space (3)€ 402 000
LS04270-02BX T291.04--7Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BY T291.13--7Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02BZ T2107.80--8Parking Space (1)€ 425 100
LS04270-02C T3152.29--1Parking Space (1)€ 408 000
LS04270-02CA T287.3148.988Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02CB T170.8932.818Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02CC T2108.1540.688Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02CD T2121.7845.698Parking Space (1)€ 433 875
LS04270-02CE T299.4947.738Parking Space (1)€ 370 065
LS04270-02CF T292.6668.508Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02CG T163.1925.558--Sold
LS04270-02D T168.33--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02E T168.33--1--Sold
LS04270-02F T3153.57--1Parking Space (1)€ 408 000
LS04270-02G T289.75--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02H T296.51--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02I T3149.12--1Parking Space (1)€ 398 000
LS04270-02J T2113.70--1Parking Space (1)€ 315 000
LS04270-02K T291.13--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02L T3149.7616.082Parking Space (1)€ 429 000
LS04270-02M T2111.22--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02N T3148.61--2Parking Space (1)€ 410 000
LS04270-02O T168.33--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02P T168.33--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02Q T3149.93--2Parking Space (1)€ 410 000
LS04270-02R T287.50--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02S T287.50--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02T T3137.4320.492Parking Space (1)€ 400 000
LS04270-02U T2113.70--2Parking Space (1)€ 315 000
LS04270-02V T291.13--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-02X T3149.7616.083Parking Space (1)€ 431 000
LS04270-02Y T2111.22--3Parking Space (1)€ 320 000
LS04270-02Z T3153.64--3Parking Space (2)€ 412 000
LS04270-03A T176.46--R/CParking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AA T2132.43--2Parking Space (2)€ 355 000
LS04270-03AB T044.28--2--Sold
LS04270-03AC T171.33--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AD T176.59--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AE T171.00--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AF T294.84--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AG T2128.892.463Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03AH T172.57--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AI T163.04--3--Sold
LS04270-03AJ T2105.74--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AK T167.57--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AL T2132.43--3Parking Space (2)€ 355 000
LS04270-03AM T044.28--3--Sold
LS04270-03AN T171.33--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AO T176.59--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AP T171.00--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AQ T294.84--3Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AR T2124.926.434Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AS T172.57--3Parking Space (2)Sold
LS04270-03AT T163.04--4--Sold
LS04270-03AU T2105.74--4Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03AV T167.57--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03AX T2132.43--4Parking Space (3)€ 360 000
LS04270-03AY T044.28--4--Sold
LS04270-03AZ T171.33--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03B T045.50--R/C--Sold
LS04270-03BA T176.59--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BB T171.00--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BC T294.84--4Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BD T2124.876.485Parking Space (4)Sold
LS04270-03BE T172.57--5Parking Space (2)Sold
LS04270-03BF T163.04--5--Sold
LS04270-03BG T2105.74--5Parking Space (2)€ 305 000
LS04270-03BH T167.57--5--Sold
LS04270-03BI T2132.43--5Parking Space (3)€ 365 000
LS04270-03BJ T044.28--5--Sold
LS04270-03BK T171.33--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BL T176.59--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BM T171.00--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BN T294.84--5Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BO T2123.397.966Parking Space (4)Sold
LS04270-03BP T172.57--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BQ T163.04--6--Sold
LS04270-03BR T2105.74--6Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03BS T167.57--6--Sold
LS04270-03BT T2132.43--6Parking Space (3)€ 370 000
LS04270-03BU T044.28--6--Sold
LS04270-03BV T171.33--6--Sold
LS04270-03BX T176.69--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BY T171.00--6Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03BZ T294.84--6Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03C T053.55--R/C--Sold
LS04270-03D T2100.16--R/CParking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03E T045.54--R/C--Sold
LS04270-03F T3141.37--R/CParking Space (3)€ 395 000
LS04270-03G T294.55--R/CParking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03H T170.07--R/CParking Space (2)Sold
LS04270-03I T271.74--R/CParking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03J T2124.786.571Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03K T172.57--1Parking Space (2)Sold
LS04270-03L T163.04--1--Sold
LS04270-03M T2105.74--1Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03N T167.57--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03O T2132.43--1Parking Space (3)€ 350 000
LS04270-03P T044.28--1--Sold
LS04270-03Q T171.33--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03R T176.59--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03S T171.00--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03T T294.84--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03U T2125.735.622Parking Space (3)Sold
LS04270-03V T172.57--1Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03X T163.04--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03Y T2105.74--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS04270-03Z T167.57--2Parking Space (1)Sold
LS4270-02BB T3139.97149.645Parking Space (2)€ 540 000