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Vineyard - North of Portugal Precio a solicitud Venta


, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Santo Emilião

Fantastic Vineyard in the `Vinho Verde´ region.
Secular property with green wine production of excellent quality of the grape with varieties such as Loureiro, Trajadura and Pedreña, with distribution of two own brands.
Manorial palace of unparalleled beauty, in excellent state of conservation with all original finishes: coatings on noble wood, crafted ceilings and frescoed walls painted by hand.
Framed with the beautiful and well treated gardens, with views to the Ave river, with a front of about 1.200 meters with the property.
It has fully equipped modern winery for winemaking, bottling and storage and supported by a laboratory of oenology.
Several supports with caretaker`s house, barn house, warehouses and agricultural tools.
Barn with milking.
10 minutes away from Póvoa do Varzim and 40 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

  • 530 000,00m2
  • Referencia: CS01352
    House or Villa - Oporto 2 225 000 Venta

    Casa V7+1

    , Porto, Foz do Douro

    Fabulous luxury villa, modern architecture, with four fronts.
    Built with materials of excellent quality, it is inserted in a premium location, close to beaches, schools, museums and all services.
    Ideal for families who enjoy tranquility and security.
    Located 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 922,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01773
    • 8
    • 7
    Quinta - North of Portugal 3 500 000 Venta

    Granja T5

    , Vieira do Minho, Soengas

    Gerês is one of the most beautiful and attractive natural regions of Portugal considered by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.
    In this splendid quinta there are two houses ready to inhabit and a ruin to recover. The main house has extensive grounds and stunning views of the river and the mountain range.
    To ensure the thermal insulation, an innovative heating system was installed through the windows and mirrors.
    The guest house has been completely restored respecting the traditional style of granite houses.
    The pool located next to the river has a small bungalow that serves as support.
    In the property there is a anchorage designed to adapt to different levels of the river.
    With good access is located 1 hour distance from the  Francisco Sá Carneiro airport.

    • 17 679,00m2
    • Referencia: CS00485
    • 5
    • 5
    House - Oporto 1 100 000 Venta

    Casa V4+1

    , Valongo, Valongo

    Excellent villa with stunning views to the mountain range and the city center, in Oporto.
    Built in a quiet area, designated of protected area, in front of the Natural Park of Valongo, where nature rounded the hand of man offering magnificent animals and rare and unique plants.
    Superb areas, great lighting, idyllic place for those who enjoy the comfort and well being.
    It is situated 3 kms from Valongo railway station, and 17 minutes from Oporto airport.

    • 2 560,00m2
    • Referencia: CS00468
    • 5
    • 6
    House or Villa - Oporto 875 000 Venta

    Casa V4

    , Vila Nova de Gaia, Arcozelo

    Fabulous villa with four fronts in first line, with stunning sea views, equipped with high quality materials.
    It has a garden and pool where we can enjoy the tranquility and exclusivity with unalterable sea views.
    Access by two streets and the possibility of parking 17 cars.
    This houser is ideal for those who are looking for quality and comfort.
    It has a dedicated leisure floor, where we can enjoy a jacuzzi, turkish bath, sauna and gym space and the possibility of a multimedia room.
    Two steps from the beach.
    Two minutes walk from the Miramar Golf Club and the main accesses.
    Just 27 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • Área: 645,00m2
    • 1,22m2
    • Referencia: CS01485
    • 4
    • 6
    House or Villa - Oporto 2 800 000 Venta

    Casa V6

    , Matosinhos, Leça do Balio

    Exceptional house with great privacy, original project of the architect Pedro de Abreu with exquisite constructive execution.
    Space distinctive details such as ennobled circulation spaces for visual contact with social areas in contiguity by glass ceilings, skylights, double ceiling heights and gaps in middle floor.
    Tiering space accompanied by differentiation of high quality materials: white marble for common areas to exotic woods in the most private areas.
    Social and recreational areas capable to host large events forming a coherent set for high basement with lots of light in a continuous space between game room, indoor pool, gym paved terrace overlooking the outdoor pool.
    Advanced home automation controlling shading blinds, CCTV, sound system, automatic irrigation, pool cover, alarm, air conditioning.
    Excellent south orientation to the main areas, located in the center of a large walled lot, adjacent to similar blocks with great privacy.
    Garden populated by great diversity of arboreal elements of value like old olive trees, acacias and exotic plants granting a scenario with lots of character to a large outdoor pool.
    Good access and 10 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 2 504,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01675
    • 6
    • 6
    House or Villa - Oporto 1 900 000 / € 2 200 000 Venta

    Casa V4

    , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

    Fabulous villa with four fronts completely renovated, were used the best materials in all divisions, without forgetting any detail, respecting the most of the original features.
    Premium location, close to international private schools, museums and all services.
    Just 15 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 577,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01666
    • 4
    • 4
    House or Villa - Oporto 900 000 Venta

    Casa V4

    , Gondomar, São Cosme

    Spectacular property with unalterable views to the river.
    The property is surrounded by a beautiful garden which gives privacy and freshness.
    Orchard with over forty fruit trees.
    Land with direct access to the river and the possibility of building a private pier.
    Just 15 minutes distance from the historic city of Oporto and 20 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 3 700,00m2
    • Referencia: CS01397
    • 4
    • 5
    Quinta - North of Portugal 1 450 000 Venta


    , Viana do Castelo, Areosa

    Spectacular villa characterized by the comfort, quality and perfect condition (fully renovated in 2007/2008), with all divisions with double frames and shutters.
    Main House:
    1st floor and tower - 3 double bedrooms (1 with fantastic three fronts sea view and balcony); 2 single rooms; 2 bathrooms (1 bath, 1 with shower), 1 living room with sea views balcony and outdoor access.
    Ground floor - 2 dormitories (4 bunk beds each), 2 bathrooms (1 bath, 1 with shower), hall with wardrobes, 1 social bathroom, 1 dining room with radial heating, 1 kitchen / fully equipped room (machine dishwasher, ice maker, microwave etc).
    Annex 1 - 1 living with radial heating, 3 double suites (bathrooms with shower with radial heating).
    Annex 2 - 4 double bedrooms with 2 bathrooms with shower and radial heating.
    Annex 3 - 2 suites (with 2 bunk beds in each).
    Annex 4 - 2 laundry machines.
    Annex 5- 1 bath with 4 boxes to swimming pool support, 3 `stores`/ warehouses for storage.
    Wonderful swimming pool with salt treatment.
    Located north of Viana do Castelo, with access to public transport, hospital, schools, supermarkets.
    A 5 km distance from the center, in a quiet area overlooking the sea, with pedestrian access to the beach, 8 kms from the idyllic Afife beach and 45 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

    • 4 521,66m2
    • Referencia: CS01224
      Private mansion - Oporto 1 200 000 Venta


      , Porto, Cedofeita

      Fantastic palace of the late XIX century in Oporto, fully restored, perfect conjugation between the historical and traditional charm, with all the comfort of the modern solutions.
      Generous areas and a beautiful romantic garden, perfect to enjoy the daily routine, of what is the current world capital of tourism.
      Perfect combination for a family, an hotel, exhibition of works of art, or a registered office.
      Located in the heart of the historic city of Oporto, the new Arts District, close to all commerce, services and with a good network of public transportation.
      It is located 14 minutes away from the international airport Francisco Sá Carneiro, the Douro River and the Sea.

      • 751,00m2
      • Referencia: CS00817
      • 10
      • 7
      House ou Villa - Oporto 1 200 000 Venta

      Casa V5

      , Porto, Nevogilde

      Classic moth house in the heart of Foz do Douro with period details.
      Excellent solar orientation with three fronts and near the beach parking, schools, services and facilities.
      It is located a 15 minutes away from International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

      • Área: 355,00m2
      • 173,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01567
      • 5
      • 3
      Villa - North of Portugal 650 000 Venta

      Casa V3+1

      , Vila Nova de Gaia, Gulpilhares

      Splendid contemporary villa with audacious design, located in one of the most prestigious beaches of Vila Nova de Gaia known by its therapeutic characteristics.
      It has an amazing living room divided into 4 different environments spread over 3 levels, each one with a fireplace. This house also owns a beautiful garden with a swimming-pool.
      The quality of construction combined with the location make this villa ideal for families who want to live near the beach and the city center.
      It is located 2 minutes from the golf course, 12 minutes from the center of Porto, 7 minutes from the nearest shopping center and 20 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

      • 1 572,00m2
      • Referencia: CS00122
      • 4
      • 3
      House or Villa - Oporto 1 300 000 Venta

      Casa V4+1

      , Maia, Moreira

      Fantastic detached villa of four fronts in a quiet area, only 3 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.
      Equipped with every modern comfort and exclusively designed, created using the very finest materials, surround sound, home automation, video surveillance and three floors connected by lift.
      You will find here all the amenities in a peaceful environment, relaxed and total privacy, surrounded by a wonderful garden, with tennis court, gym, Turkish bath and movie theater.

      • Área: 200,00m2
      • 1 200,00m2
      • Referencia: CS01401
      • 4
      • 4
      Quinta - North of Portugal 2 000 000 Venta


      , Freixo Espada à Cinta, Poiares

      Excellent property in the Douro Region, with about 20 hectares of olive groves. The estate is south with stunning views over Spain and Barca d`Alva.
      It confines with the Douro river in about 400 mts, featuring water pumps and three intercalated water containers for irrigation.
      From the agricultural point of view, this estate in the North of Portugal has appropriate soil and climatic conditions to the wine production, as it is located in the Douro Region, reaching between 125 mts and 350 mts above sea level.
      It also has two houses in schist, in the final stage of construction, which can be used for rural tourism.

      • 310 000,00m2
      • Referencia: CS00258
        Quinta - Oporto Precio a solicitud Venta

        Granja T6

        , Gondomar, Melres

        Fantastic detached villa with privileged views to the river, in the _ beach area and the mountain range around.
        The property with walls lined with shale and a large garden and orchard and natural bush is crossed by the river of Cabria.
        The villa has a private area for housing and another with panoramic views to the  events.
        The house develops into two floors all facing the river.
        The access are paved Portuguese stone sidewalk and interconnecting the different existing constructions in the property, allowing easy access to all places to the riverbank.
        It is located 30 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International  Airport.

        • 20 000,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01162
        • 6
        • 10
        House or Villa - North of Portugal 895 000 Venta

        Casa V5

        , Vila Real, Mateus

        House of 4 fronts with granite outside facades, and a magnificent garden where are drawn pathways in traditional cobble stone, which ensures the accessibility of the people who goes there, and the access to vehicles entering into the property.
        It is located five minutes away from Vila Real and the main accesses and 1 hour distance from the International Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

        • 3 147,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01278
        • 5
        • 3
        Quinta - North of Portugal 2 800 000 Venta

        Granja T7

        , Barcelos, Pereira

        Built in middle of the sixteenth century as Franciscan convent, currently works as Quinta of Habitation Tourism.
        The building underwent a thorough renovation in the 80s, is surrounded by magnificent romantic gardens, bridges, lakes and a refreshing pool.
        In the boundary of the property we can find a leafy forest of pines and oaks.
        A magical atmosphere, typical of fairy tales.
        It is located 30 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 157 375,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01087
        • 7
        House or Villa - Oporto 1 900 000 Venta

        Casa V4

        , Porto, Lordelo do Ouro

        House of corner in the two main avenues of the city, of 4 fronts, with garden and pool, two indoor access (service stairs or private stairs).
        Large rooms with marble floors, garage with two entrances, central heating in all rooms and regional cuisine abroad characterize this extraordinary house.
        Located 5 minutes away from City Park and 11 minutes distance from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

        • 1 360,00m2
        • Referencia: CS01120
        • 4
        • 6
        Vineyard - North of Portugal 6 500 000 Venta


        , Freixo Espada à Cinta, Freixo de Espada à Cinta

        Excellent property in the Douro Region, with about 60 hectares of olive groves. The estate is facing east and south with views over Spain.
        It confines with the river Douro, featuring water pumps and four intercalated water containers for irrigation and industrial usage.
        It has a factory for production of preserved olives, with a modular lay-out, split in two warehouses (one above the road and other below the road) where the olives are transfered by gravity.
        Located within 2h 40 m from the Oporto International Airport and a few minutes from Spain.

        • 936 300,00m2
        • Referencia: CS00259
          House or Villa - Oporto 800 000 Venta

          Casa V4+1

          , Valongo, Ermesinde

          Fantastic detached villa of four fronts, surrounded by a beautiful garden.
          Located in a quiet area with huge green spaces.
          With architectural design of F. Laranjeira, combines the excellent interior areas with the gardens and the outdoor terraces.
          Exceptional building with great quality and refinement details.
          Next to the main access and services.
          Situated 15 minutes away from the city center and 10 minutes distance from the International Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

          • 1 144,00m2
          • Referencia: CS01291
          • 5
          • 4
          Apartment - Oporto 900 000 Venta

          Apartamento T5

          , Matosinhos, Matosinhos

          Fantastic apartment inserted in closed condominium, with two security guards 24 hours.
          Of 3 fronts and with sea views, garden and pool.
          Located 2 minutes away from the beaches, 4 minutes distance from the City Park, 10 minutes from the city center and 11 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

          • Área: 322,90m2
          • Referencia: CS01036
          • 5
          • 6
          Penthouse Apartment - Oporto 1 050 000 Venta

          Apartamento T5+1

          , Porto, Ramalde

          Fabulous penthouse apartment with gym, sauna and turkish bath.
          Excellent state of conservation, with luxury finishes and terrace in the 4 fronts, with stunning views of the city and the sea.
          Functional distribution of the rooms, all with great areas, with a private elevator access.
          Excellent accessibility, privileged location in prime area of Boavista, well served by all kind of transports, services,international private schools.
          Located 3 minutes from the beach and the City Park and 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

          • Área: 627,14m2
          • Referencia: CS01124
          • 6
          • 6
          Villa - Oporto 790 000 Venta

          Casa V6

          , Porto, Ramalde

          Located in Oporto, in front of one of the best portuguese schools this fantastic villa for restoration is surrounded by extensive gardens.
          Within 5 minutes from Serralves Foundation and City Park , 7 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the Oporto airport, this villa is the solution for a large family who wants quality of life in the city center.

          • 1 110,00m2
          • Referencia: CS00254
            Penthouse - Oporto 700 000 Venta

            Apartamento T7

            , Vila do Conde, Mindelo

            Fabulous penthouse on the seafront with panoramic views to the ocean and beach.
            This duplex apartment, with great areas, has a terrace with more than 200 m2 facing the sea, equipped with a rustic kitchen with barbecue.
            Three suites, all with balcony, great areas and lots of storage.
            The living area is on the same floor of the terrace, providing a communication with the outside area, features a fireplace and underfloor heating throughout the apartment.
            Inserted in a condominium with garden, outdoor pool and playing field.
            The surrounding area lets you enjoy maximum tranquility and well being.
            With excellent access, 5 minutes drive from the metro and access to A28.
            Located 20 minutes from the center of Oporto, 12 minutes from Vila do Conde and 15 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

            • Área: 480,00m2
            • Referencia: LS01577
            • 7
            • 7